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Auto submit your RSS Feed to various RSS Engines and Directories

970189_rss_icon_1Here are some great links for submitting your RSS feeds to multiple RSS engines and directories.

Bulk Ping
Reliable and Unique Free RSS Submit Tool online that submit feeds to 27 Engines or Directories with Random 2500+ Private proxies so that all Blog or Website Feeds accept your feeds and index your Content faster then ever.

Technorati is one of the most robust blog directories and an excellent way to gain back links and traffic for your blog. It’s very simple to submit a blog or any page that has an RSS feed

Old Post Promoter
The OPP, or Old Post Promoter, is a plugin designed for WordPress by the Blog Traffic Exchange. The primary function of the plugin is its capability to promote older blog posts by reviving them and returning them to the front page and sending them back in to the RSS feed. The Old Post Promoter randomly chooses a post from the eligible posts in the blog and updates the publication timestamp on the post in question. When the timestamp on the post is updated, the post will appear to be the latest post on your WordPress blog, returning it to the front page of your blog and revitalizing its content accordingly.

WP to Twitter
Auto-posts a Twitter update when you update your WordPress blog or blogroll, with your chosen URL shortening service.

Some good lists of RSS directories:
RSS Specifications
TopRank RSS Blog Directories

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