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b2evolution to #WordPress Converter

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I’m sure there are many oldschool b2evolution admins and users that feel like they are stuck on their b2evolution blogging platform.  Although b2evolution has been great, the community has slowed down and other CMS blogging platforms have emerged, offering more plugins, themes and community support.  Galido.net has moved on from b2evolution and onto wordpress.  To help us in the endeavor is Alex, the programmer of “BIMP”.

The tool is very useful, although, if you ha ve a complicated blog, you may run into issues.  Unlucky for us, we did, but luckily Alex came to the rescue, for a mere $40.  We highly recommend his services, and were even willing to shell out an additional $40 even if for donation’s sake.  You will find that many services out there will charge over $100 to do such a migration.  Hopefully, Alex’s price stands, but if not, we don’t blame him!  You get all the code for $20, and outstanding support for an additional $40.  Can’t beat that!

The best thing about the conversion is our URL integrity is still in tact and no broken links!

About the BIMP tool:

This utility will help you migrate your blog(s) from b2evolution to WordPress in minutes. The script imports b2evolution blogs, categories, posts, comments, files and users into existing WordPress installation. The target WordPress system does not need to be a brand new install, it may already have posts, categories, widgets etc. they will not be removed or altered in any way.

The script will add b2evolution content to your existing WordPress system. The utility has an exhaustive list of settings allowing you to fine-tune the import process. You can individually import b2evolution Blogs as parent categories, Categories, Posts, Users and Comments.

If you’re looking for an easy yet powerful solution to migrate your b2evolution install to WordPress, this script is indeed for you . It will make roughly 95% of the job required to move your b2evo blogs to WordPress, all you will need to do is edit permalink structure in control panel and adjust .htaccess rules to properly redirect imported posts. Your old back-links and page rank will not be lost.

BIMP Importer supports b2evolution and WordPress v3 and above. Older versions are not supported. You will need to upgrade your systems if they are old.

View Demo Here

Get the BIMP tool here: b2evolution to WordPress Converter



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  1. Thanks for posting this! This is the only tool that works! Good riddance to b2evo

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