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Basic Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

We can all agree that dealing with a slow, unresponsive computer or laptop can be a great frustration to say the very least. Unfortunately, as we continue to add and remove programs from our operating systems over time and make changes to configurations, so will the performance of our systems decline over time.

This is something that almost every computer or laptop user will face over time and it’s important to know what to do to take care of this problem with the least amount of hassle.

Let’s take a quick look at some things that users can implement in order to ensure that their computer or laptop systems remain well optimized at all times.

Malware Protection Software

It happens very often that when a computer is running slow, getting error messages or even crashing, it could be the result of a malware infection. Malware sometimes goes straight for important system files, either corrupting them or altering them, thereby making an operating system unstable, and in some other cases, unusable. Visit leading technology websites and read reviews of antimalware applications to get a better idea of which ones are reputable. Be sure to choose one with real-time protection, updates and complete malware removal abilities.

Registry Cleaner

Be careful with this one.  Registry cleaners have been on the market for absolute ages and still remain in high demand because of their abilities to rapidly fix registry errors on a computer system. A registry cleaner will provide a deep and thorough scan of your operating system, find errors within the registry and fix them. This in turn will enable your computer system to run faster and perform better when executing tasks. Do your homework before choosing a registry cleaner tool and make sure you run a scan every single day to fix any new errors that might come up.

System Error-Checking

Windows comes with an in-built error-checking utility that allows for a deep and thorough scan of your system. Usually this means that you will be required to reboot your system, but it will provide your system with a deep 5 stage scan that will attempt to fix and repair any problems it can find on your hard drives. I would recommend running this scan at least once per week for best results.

Uninstalling Software

If you are one of the many thousands of PC users that have lots of unwanted software on your computer, consider uninstalling those programs that you no longer require. These excess programs not only take up large amounts of unnecessary space, but can slow a system down quite a bit, particularly if they are loaded up when your system goes through bootup.

Adding Memory and an SSD drive

Adding memory and an SSD drive can help your computer feel new and give it a second life.  You will notice a big difference in speed.  Even if you got a  laptop under $200, adding a new SSD drive will improve speed by at least 30%.

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By implementing these 5 simple actions you should be able to dramatically speed up your computer or laptop system.

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