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Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.

Just a reminder to not be a bully… The effects are longer lasting and more devastating than you think. What you do/say today to a person can affect that person negatively for the rest of their life! As a victim of bullying, I would like for people to share in the awareness that their bullying actions can have long lasting, negative effects on their peers as well as their families. In turn, I may have also found myself a bully as a result of having being bullied, and am apologetic of partaking in bullying.

This being an IT Blog, many readers are nerds (as am I) and have been victims of bullying.  Always remember and be careful of who you bully.  To avoid being a bully is smart advice.  As Bill Gates once said:

Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.

The main reason for this post is due to having read of several suicides in the news.  Let’s end bullying once and for all.  As a victim of bullying, one cannot help but feel anxiety and depression, which can stay with you for the rest of your life.  With so many recent cases of suicide being talked about in the media, it leaves many wondering about the new term Bullycide.  This new term, bullycide, is a hybrid of bullying and suicide to explain when someone takes their life as a result of being bullied.  Learn More

Statistics show bullying is becoming a huge problem. The website below is to help educate the public on bullying issues; such as school bullying, workplace bullies, bullying teachers, adult bullies, parent bullies, and more.  The goal is to help teens, families, schools, and communities get the education and help they need to prevent being bullied.  www.bullyingstatistics.org offers information on seeking therapy or treatment for those who are bullying others, or are victims of bullies.  By learning about the causes of bullying each of us can help prevent this type of abuse we can help our communities be safer. BullyStatistics.org

Some facts and studies about bullying:

  • Bullying is almost as bad as child abuse: The new findings suggest bullying could have as much of a formative impact on a person’s mental health as other traumatic experiences such as child abuse and maltreatment, according to William Copeland, co-author of the study, published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry.
  • About one third of teens reported being bullied while at school: In a study, about 20 percent of teens had been made fun of by a bully, 18 percent of teens had rumors or gossip spread about them, 11 percent were physically bullied, such as being shoved, tripped, or spit on, 6 percent were threatened, 5 percent were excluded from activities they wanted to participate in, 4 percent were coerced into something they did not want to do, and 4 percent had their personal belongings destroyed by bullies.
  • Risk of Anxiety and Depression Disorders: Bullied children grow into adults are at increased risk of developing anxiety disorders, depression and suicidal thoughts, according to a study led by researchers at Duke Medicine.  As adults, those who said they had been bullied, plus those who were both victims and aggressors, were at higher risk for psychiatric disorders compared with those with no history of being bullied. The young people who were only victims had higher levels of depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia.Those who were both bullies and victims had higher levels of all anxiety and depressive disorders, plus the highest levels of suicidal thoughts, depressive disorders, generalized anxiety and panic disorder. Bullies were also at increased risk for antisocial personality disorder.
  • Did you know that many gangs were started primarily because of bullying?  Asian gangs in particular, were formed because asian kids were bullied in school.  These kids in turn joined gangs to intimidate their bullies.
  • Bullying does not only exist in school; it can exist at home too:  Bullying parents are often overbearing and controlling, these parents may become involved in physical or mental bullying, or even cyber bullying. This article helps define what a bully is, emotional and mental bullying, cyber bullying, and tips on dealing with bullying parents.  Check out the Hope For Children Foundation, an acknowledged leader in the fight against child abuse and bullying in the United Sates and abroad. Children are very vulnerable and need the help of everyone since child abuse is everyone’s business. The FBI reported 97% percent of abused children reported to the legal system are not protected by the legal system.
  • Bullies may have personality disorders later in life: Bullying is potentially a problem for bullies as well as for victims,” said senior author E. Jane Costello, PhD, associate director of research at Duke’s Center for Child and Family Policy. “Bullying, which we tend to think of as a normal and not terribly important part of childhood, turns out to have the potential for very serious consequences for children, adolescents and adults.

Read more about Bullying

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