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Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Fleet Companies

For any company that owns a fleet of vehicles, GPS fleet tracking is becoming a necessity and one of the most essential pillars of operation.

Here are some Fleet Tracking Benefits:

Keep Customers Happy

GPS fleet tracking helps to enable transportation companies to earn the trust of their customers. A company that has GPS tracking systems on its vehicles can tell a customer the specific location of goods being transported at any given time and can let a customer know when goods are going to reach the desired destination. A GPS fleet tracking also helps to make customers feel that their goods are safe since they know they are closely being monitored on a map.

Save on Operating Expenses

Every company could use some operational cost savings.  GPS fleet tracking reduces unnecessary overhead costs by eliminating excess fuel consumption, billing discrepancies, unnecessary overtime expenses, and unauthorized vehicle usage.  Accurate GPS log data allows you to create more useful profit and loss analyses, improves accountability, and enables better budget preparation.  Smarter route planning and more predictable schedules allow you to stay competitive and reduce costs.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Typically, insurance providers give discounted premiums of up to 35% for companies that have vehicles equipped with a real-time GPS fleet tracking systems.

Manage Maintenance

Create alerts based on time, mileage, or engine hours to develop advanced vehicle maintenance routines.

Monitor Resources

GPS fleet tracking enables a company to monitor daily use of resources in real time and with useful tools like analytics and reports.  Eliminate unnecessary idle time and vehicle misuse to get the most from your fleet .  Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating downtime, preventing dispatch inaccuracies, and reducing tardiness.  Locate lost or stolen vehicles or other assets with exact location details made possible by GPS technology.

Improve Safety

Enhance safety and security for personnel by providing direct assistance and support, monitoring vehicle activity, and implementing two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers.

Stay Competitive

Compete with market rivals by implementing unparalleled commercial fleet tracking capabilities. Provide better service and the money you will save with fleet GPS will help you keep costs low.

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