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Benefits of Technology for Law Firms

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The job of a successful lawyer can be very tedious. They have to handle several lawsuits, claims, and contractual work, calculations of the amounts of claims, taking into account the results of cases and stages of enforcement proceedings.

The need for accurate planning, preparation for court hearings, meeting deadlines or appealing court decisions, necessitates remembering a large amount of information. In addition, they need to track changes in the current legislation and current judicial practice.

Modern Technology

The development of modern technology gives lawyers an excellent opportunity to plan and organize their activities through the use of specialized programs and services.

But is it necessary to use them? Maybe it’s easier to use a paperback notebook, or keep records in the standard “Calendar”?

We believe that the use of specialized programs greatly simplifies the work of a lawyer, primarily by reducing the time spent on working with information. For example, we talked to a lawyer from the Atlanta based personal injury law firm, Glenn Cambre & Associates, who said “Google drive has saved us countless hours on organizing all our files and data. Nowadays we can’t live without it!”

Here are some examples of preparations that need to be made for a business dispute:

– Analysis of available documents
– Analysis of judicial practice
– Sending requests/letters
– Preparation of the claim
– Calculation of claims and state duty, the court hearing, date control
– In case of deposition – control over the fulfillment of court rulings
– Obtaining a court decision (control of publication on the site)
– Preparation of the appeal, control of time limits for appeal
– The court hearing of an appeal
– Appeal a court ruling
– Obtaining a writ of execution
– Direction of the writ of execution
– Obtaining a decree on the initiation of enforcement proceedings


Automation of at least part of the legal activity processes significantly reduce the burden on the lawyer and increases productivity. This increases the confidence of the attorney that he will not miss the date of the court hearing or, for example, they have no need to keep in mind information about the progress of the proceedings.

The software and online services available on the market can be divided into several categories:

– Reference systems
– Calculation services (calculators)
– Reference Information
– Counterparty check
– Document designers
– Services to optimize business processes
– Programs for recording court cases directly

Calculation services (calculators) are simple and convenient applications or services designed to solve specific tasks: calculating the state duty, penalty fee, counting the number of days between two dates. Calculator for state duty is, as the site of any court, and presented individual programs, such as Calculator state duty.

To calculate the penalty when preparing a claim or a claim, a lawyer needs to set the number of days in a period, and if earlier, you had to take the calendar and read it manually, now you can do it in just a few clicks with a computer mouse, using the Days Calculator.

As can be seen even from that one small example, the use of technology in the legal industry can significantly save time and energy for lawyers or paralegals.

Services for optimizing business processes were not designed specifically for lawyers, however, they can be successfully used to make their jobs easier or more optimized. For example, G Suite is a collection of cloud service for work and exchange of documents, corporate email, voice, and video chat. The disadvantage of general optimization services is the lack of consideration for the specifics of legal activity and sometimes complex configuration (if a CRM is used), requiring the presence of a system administrator.

It seems that the further development of specialized legal products is inevitable, and will result in all of them being cross-platform and on the cloud. This will only continue to help law firms with getting their work done faster, easier and allow them to do a better job.

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