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Best App that Tracks Phone Usage

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If your family or friends complaint you are not giving time to them or you are facing certain health issues lately, then chances are high you are addicted to your smartphone device. Smartphone addiction isn’t a new phenomenon as millions of users are fighting with it around the world.

If you are one of those users, then we suggest it is time to beat mobile addiction using smart solution called Social Fever. This smart app not only helps you deal with smartphone addiction, but it also keeps your health intact.

Let’s review Social Fever app here.

Highlights of Social Fever

  • It allows you to save quality time for more important things in life.
  • It keeps your health intact with various necessary alerts.
  • It helps you beat mobile addiction in most efficient manner.

Features of Social Fever

At home screen, you will find multiple features of the app. These features include track goals, quality time, water reminder, ear health, eye health, interests, app usage, and history (last 7 days usage). Let’s discuss these features in detail here.

Track Goals: Here, you can track your app usage goals. It is helpful to avoid using certain apps for long hours unnecessarily. Here, it will display your total time usage for selected apps.

Quality Time: Here, app allows you to set family time, morning walk time, and sleep time. You can also set other quality time parameters as per your needs.

Water Reminder: Under this feature, you can set water drinking reminders to keep your body hydrated.

Ear Health: Here, you can set alerts when you use earphones for long time. It is useful feature to keep your ear health intact.

Eye Health: This feature allows you to set alerts when you spend long hours staring at phone screen. It is useful feature to keep your eye condition intact.

Interests: Here, you can set interests and hobbies that you can enjoy by reducing time on mobile.

App Usage: Here, you can select apps which you want to track for usage. It will display you selected apps and time spent on them to help you track them well.

History: Under this feature, app will display you total usage in last 7 days in minutes. This is useful feature to track phone usage effectively.

Running App Timer: App displays you real time timer when you use selected app. This way you can track app usage time effectively.

googleplay - Best App that Tracks Phone Usage


Under Settings, you can enable or disable multiple features of the app. These features include Show app tracking, water reminder, clear history, show interest, app tutorial, backstage power saving, (use this feature to exclude app from being closed while power saving is enabled), allow run in background (monitor app usage).

Device Profile: It ensures all important features of the app are enabled. Here, it displays you alerts when some important feature of the app is disabled.

The Verdict of the App

If you feel like running short of time or feel mobile is affecting your life negatively, then Social Fever offers the most efficient solution to beat mobile addiction. This powerful app comes loaded with numerous effective features to track your phone usage and reduce your dependence on your device. It not only saves your time by beating mobile addiction, but it also keeps your health intact. This is must use app if you are smartphone user.

Gajendra Singh is working at Systweak, as an Digital Marketing Executive. His potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac and Windows software tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Gajendra on Facebook, and Instagram

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