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Best Article Editing Tools for Homebased Work

There are a lot of reasons as to why one should work at home. One, it lets you save time and effort to travel to work since your office is just one room away from your bedroom. Two, you don’t have to deal with a diverse crowd of people, and you will get to finish your work peacefully. Three, you gain control on how you should spend your time.

If you’re a home-based writer, you must be aware of the basic knowledge about writing articles. You need to follow proper format, including citations and photo credits, and even how the article should be constructed to increase its views and visits on the website. To do so, you need to be equipped with the right writing and editing tools.

Writing articles can be easy. However, it’s the editing process that will take much longer to do. Given that fact, as a writer, you might need extra help to ensure that your articles are written flawlessly and correctly. There is a lot of editing and home-based tools that you can use to make work easier. Here are just some of the few.

Tomato Timer

If you are conscious about how much time you spend in a day, you need to have a work timer for that. Tomato Timer is one of the best timer tools a home-based writer can use.

This app is downloadable on your mobile phone and laptops. It is easy to use and helps you measure your efficiency in a given span of time. Tomato Timer is a user timer app that lets you divide and organize your time into work sessions and breaks. It is like a timer when you’re in an actual office that allocates you time for breaks and work.

This app is perfect for individuals who aim to be more productive during work. You can customize how many minutes you want your break to last and how many hours of work you should finish before getting a break. All you need is to commit to the schedule for you to work with it successfully.


This app lets home-based writers re-check their articles and see if there are misspelled words or broken phrases that were not seen the first time. You may also opt to type on the app itself, and it will automatically re-check and rephrase your misspelled words.

This helps writers to be more efficient when it comes to editing and proofreading their works before submitting it to their editors. Editors may also use this app to ensure nothing was overlooked, and everything is suitable for posting.


Plagiarism is the writer’s most mortal sin. As such, you need to make sure that every piece you write is uniquely your own. Copyscape helps writers and editors to determine if there is plagiarized content in the article. It highlights the stolen material to the original website from where it was copied from.

There is a standard percentage that Copyscape requires for it to be deemed as plagiarized. Copyscape is like police when it comes to copied content, and it helps writers and editors from being reported for plagiarism.


When it comes to grammatical errors, Ginger app can spot them in no time. You can download an extension of the app and attach it to your web browser. Once done, it will check every word and sentences you write and will detect phrases that have wrong grammar.

This app is handy for content writers and news writers, or writers that are required to do formal articles. The extension will detect every phrase in every website you will open, even on social media platforms.


This app is similar to Ginger because it is a grammar-error detector. However, unlike Ginger, you don’t need to download an extension for your browser when using this app. It is easier to use and will even have suggestions on how to make your writings better.

You can use this app by simply copying your content and pasting it on SlickWrite. The app will process your material, and after a few seconds, it will give you the correct phrases and words that will make your piece better.

You can also customize the app’s setting if you want to exempt other words for correction and add it to your vocabulary. Instead of going through multiple rounds of proofreading, you can just do two. One for grammar and structure and one for misspelled words.


This app is perfect for users because it offers a massive opportunity for writers and editors to improve their work. The app can proofread up to 2,500 words, which would be great if you’re a home-based article writer required to write that much. The detected mistakes and errors are underlined, and you have the choice to decide whether you go for the correction or you need a more in-depth explanation as to what made it wrong.

You can use this app starting at $5. Still, most editors and writers recommend others to get the premium and much expensive version because it has extra features that could further enhance one’s article with zero hassle. For the $5 package, you can proofread up to 50,000 words and as for the $35 you can proofread up to 500,000 words.


GrammarBase is a grammar-detector app that you can use for free. It checks not only spelling but also punctuations, sentence structures, uses of verbs, dangling modifiers, broken phrases, unclear antecedents, quantifiers, misuse of pronouns, and more.


Being an online writer is not an easy job. It would help if you went through a lot of processes aside from writing the content. Once you’re done writing the content, there are tendencies that the article will be sent back to you for revisions.

Revisions can take a longer time to finish compared to when you are writing it from scratch. Thus, you might need help. Editing tools and grammar tools are readily available on the internet that can save you from a long process. It will also help you learn to be better at writing. With that, you are one step closer to being the most excellent writer you dreamt of.

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