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Best Bubble Shooter Games on Android

Like Bubble Shooter Games?  There are tons of them out there, super addicting and hard to put down.  From the original Bust-a-Move bubble game, Bubble Shooter, Bubble Machine, Bubble Shooter, Candy Bubble, Bubble World, Smarty Bubbles, Bubble Raiders, Bubble World, Bubble Town, and so many more, these games have made their mark on the gaming world.

You might think to yourself, how could you ever be addicted to a game on your phone? Well, to know that answer, you need to try playing the game. But be careful, mobile games these days are dangerously addictive. Bubble shooter games for instance, are a big niche industry. They’ll hook you with their colorful graphics, sounds, level ups, prizes, and competition.

Here are some of our favorites.

Puzzle Bubble Shooter

Puzzle Bubble Shooter by Bubble Puzzle for Android takes you on a challenging journey of you (the hero) having the challenge of rescuing kittens from a scary evil kidnapping monster, and bringing them back to the safety of their mother cat.

Puzzle Bubble  Shooter offers 300 different challenging game levels to rescue kittens. The game entices players with impressive graphics and cute gems, funny sounds and music, special boosters,  create amazing combos, and more.  There are 4 games modes and simple to learn.

Although the game is free, you can purchase certain items.


Bubble Shooter

One of the original games that started it all is the original Bubble Shooter, or B Shooter.  This game is a classic and challenges players through more than 400 levels to match 3 or more colors, then shoot and pop all the bubbles on the screen.


Bubble Bust

Bubble Bust is a popular one, played by over 25 million gamers.  With super sharp HD graphics, 520 levels, 3 bubble worlds,  various achievements, tons of new bubbles and power ups and many other features, it’s no surprise that Bubble Bust is so popular with players.


Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shooter

Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shooter rides the coat tails of it’s brand, and it’s no wonder it has more than 25 million downloads.  Pop pesky Angry Birds pigs and get free gold, power-ups, and boosters through over 1000 levels.  Pull off trick shots and popping streaks to activate special pops and powers.  Connect to Facebook to compare scores and also send your friends gifts.


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