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Best Price When Online Shopping

InvisibleHand Add-on Always Gets You the Lowest Price. InvisibleHand shows a discreet notification when the product you’re browsing can be bought for a lower price elsewhere. It gives you a link directly to the product page at the competing retailer.

1415376 shopping trolley 1 150x150 - Best Price When Online ShoppingIt stays out of your way
InvisibleHand remains invisible until it finds a deal on a product you’re shopping for.

Real-time prices
Unlike price comparison sites, InvisibleHand refreshes its prices every single time you use it.

It works with Google
When you google a product, InvisibleHand will automatically show the lowest real-time prices.

Reveal hidden prices
InvisibleHand knows the price even when the retailer tries to hide it (US only).

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It learns as you use it
InvisibleHand will search for deals, even when you browse a product it hasn’t seen before.

Get the extensions here:

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