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Bluetooth does not work with Windows Mobile phone

Does your new Windows Mobile phone no longer work with your bluetooth headset or bluetooth in your car? Try the JETware Hands-free Extension. Worked seamlessly for me!

They offer a free 30-day trial before purchasing. Give it a shot and get it here: http://www.jetwaremobile.com/

The JETware Hands-free Extension provides additional functionality to the built-in Windows Mobile support for the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile. The Extension allows hands-free devices to:

* Read contacts from the Outlook phonebook (“ME” phonebook)
* Read contacts from the SIM (“SM” phonebook)
* Read the list of dialed calls from the call history (“DC” phonebook)
* Read the list of received calls from the call history (“RC” phonebook)
* Read the list of missed calls from the call history (“MC” phonebook)
* Filter contacts from Outlook phonebook based on Outlook contact categories
* Limit number of contacts returned from any phonebook
* Activate Microsoft Voice Command 1.5 or 1.6 voice dialing over Bluetooth
* Use custom ringtones through your Bluetooth device
* Show battery charge level
* Show signal strength
* Show roaming status
* Display carrier name
* Read message headings from ActiveSync, SMS, or other mail provider
* New message notification
* Delete messages
* Read SIM serial number (used to automatically select display language)
* Read GSM phone IMEI number
* Read phone default phone number
* Read current time from phone
* Improved Caller ID
* Beam multiple contacts to your hands-free device at once
* Support for device specific settings, downloadable from JETware
* Online activation using your phone’s data connection or ActiveSync

Note: All features are subject to the capabilities of the Bluetooth hands-free device to which the Windows Mobile phone is connected. Many Bluetooth hands-free devices do not support all of the above features. See the documentation of your Bluetooth hands-free device to determine which features will be used by your device.

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