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How to Build Links Without Content

People have different beliefs regarding both content and link building. In real sense, both of these factors work well in coordination. This is because, with the content, it is always easier to build a link hence it adds advantage to easily making another website link.
However, research has it that most content-based strategies have been under research engine analysis. This is according to the recent reports on the SEO industry.

As it states, it might be that not all content that can be used is suitable for link building. Using content is, however, not a bad idea but it is important that you consider trying on other techniques as listed in this article.

Broken Link Building

There is nothing as simple as the process of broken link building. First, what you need to do is simply find the dead links that have similar sites as yours. The next step would include informing the webmasters of the whereabouts of your site’s broken link. This is usually done on reaching out to them thus; you are able to suggest your resource as suitable placement. The most suitable and trendy technique as of now is broken link building. For instance, its various applications such as Garrett French Broken Link Finder have been ranked because of its various aspects that can be automated.

Brand Mentions

Brand mentions are effective especially when a brand or a product is mentioned online. As with many cases, users can decide to link to their site or sometimes leave without linking. As a link builder, therefore, it is important that you monitor the web for those mentions. To achieve this, there are numerous software can be a good tool for such brand mentioning processes. For instance, the mention for that, software is very convenient for spotting mentions. It enables spotting even without a link hence it can ask for available mentions on reaching the authors.


If you are looking for an easy connection to people with information you require, consider using HARO. According to Rhino Rank outreach agency, HARO is, so far, the best connector hence it enables reporters to get useful information, quotes, and sources. In addition, a company is able to gain publicity quickly and effortlessly. To benefit from HARO, all you need to do is sign up for the service and you are sorted. HARO operates smoothly where it allows you to receive daily alerts in your fields. Additionally, it can allow you to respond back to the reporter regarding their requirements.


Besides just building links, contests are a renowned marketing tool since in the past. Companies that have been, with time using it have indeed received greater achievements. For instance, such companies have had their sales boosted and brand awareness increased amongst others. With the increasing level of contests going viral, bloggers have taken advantage to write and post. This has lead to better contents that have increased followers of numerous bloggers.

Offering Pro-Bono Services

It can be a good idea to offer your services especially if you are unable to donate cash to charity. This can support in numerous ways not only to the community but to the generation as a whole. For instance, with the organizations that need help but cannot afford to get one. Your services can be worthy as they always appreciate any contribution by anyone. In the process, such organization, because of your pro- bono services, will link to your company.

Building link is very essential if you want a successful blogging. Aside from the discussed factors, the process has numerous ways to encourage and promote links to your website. This is, nonetheless, met if one has an energetic and engaged society.

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