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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning: Partner Only with the Best

In today’s uncertain world, catastrophic natural disasters cause disruption wherever they strike. Whether the incident is a hurricane, a tornado, flood or fire, the devastation can be widespread and long lasting. Businesses and their IT departments risk data loss and out of service systems. Depending on the scope of the disaster, the results can be extreme loss of business and erosion of customer confidence.

Many companies now forge comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs), documenting processes and procedures to protect and recover valuable business data. Good DRPs contain consistent, specific actions that occur before, during and after a crisis. Business IT infrastructure, data and performance can be restored or maintained throughout natural, environmental, and man-made disasters with more confidence where DRPs are well made and supported.

As the world’s businesses depend on information technology and the rapid transmission of electronic data, a Disaster Recovery Plan is essential. These plans are sometimes called Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP). DRPs specifically focus on protection and recovery of IT assets, data and facilities. COOPs may also include personnel management, production and leadership functions in their procedures.

Digica leads the industry as a provider of Disaster Recovery Plans and business continuity solutions. Their plans build on Tier One vendors and certified engineers combined with experience and knowledge needed to protect businesses. Digica advisors help businesses look at current risks as well as future potential crises and challenges.

Advisors from Digica assist clients with specific data recovery goals. Using specific Disaster Recovery services, Digica works with companies to create environments that support the continuation of mission-critical work even in the face of business interruptions. Situations that could lead to catastrophic losses are managed professionally and promptly using the most up-to-date DRP processes available.

Businesses cannot afford to lose time, market share, productivity, competitiveness, brand reputation, customer loyalty and regulatory compliance. Long-term impacts of downtime due to disasters, whether they are direct damages to infrastructure or the indirect effects of market reputation, companies can avoid these losses. Collaborating with Digica ensures companies receive the highest quality and most comprehensive Disaster Recovery Planning and support services.

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