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Buy Cheap Used iPhones!

Is It Time To Upgrade? – As we all know, Apple has come out with the newest of iPhones.  The sad part is that the latest versions off contract are still very expensive!

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While you could get a new phone, the older models still do a great job, and you can get them at a big discount when finding them used.  Before purchasing any phone, use a program like IMEI Checker Pro to make sure the phone is clean.

IMEI Checker Pro

Before buying a phone, you should make sure it’s legit.  Download IMEI Checker Pro to check if a phone has been blacklisted or stolen!  If you are buying from a 3rd party, ask them to send you proof that the phone is clean.

Buy Used iPhones

TechNak.com offers some of the best used, broken and cheap iPhones.  Most of these iPhones are unlocked.  Tech Nak also features some of the best unlock codes for iPhones, Blackberries and other smartphones.  TechNak give you awesome deals while offering free prices.

If you usually buy cheap used iPhones on eBay, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out the TechNak.com.  Buy Cheap Used iPhones, Blackberries, HTC, and many other smartphones!  Get No-Contract iPhones and other smartphones for a discount prices.


iPhone Buying Tips

If you are buying a used phone, chances are money is a little bit tight.  Here are some tips and options to get you where you need to be.

Sell Your Old Phone  

If your looking for an iPhone its important to sell your old iPhone first so you can buy a new one.  If its broken, you can sell broken iPhone and then upgrade with that extra cash.  There are various places to sell your old iPhone, however when its sold, you can take that money and put it towards buying a new or used iPhone!  Buy or sell used iPhones here

Decide Which Model Is Right For You

Apple has produced many iPhone’s since the first iPhone.  The latest is the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.  However many of us won’t want to shell out that cash for the newest and greatest.  We will settle for a iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, or maybe even a 3GS if our budget is really low.  If you have $100-$200, you can actually get an iPhone 4.  The iPhone 4 looks good and has a great retina screen, however if you can get another $100+ then you can get yourself something even better!  In fact for if you can get a hold of $200-$350, you can get yourself an iPhone 4S.  You also need to make sure that you get the right iPhone.  If you are NOT on Verizon, or Sprint, you can get a Unlocked iPhone.  You need to decide if your desired network is either GSM or CDMA.  When that has been decided, you can buy the right model you want!  If its GSM, you need get a “UNLOCKED” model of the phone.  If it is CDMA, then you need to get a iPhone that will work on your specific network.  When the right model is found, then you can begin looking for the best deal!

Find The Best Deal

eBay is a good solution, but also checkout other places like TechNak.com.  They offer even better prices than eBay when you Buy Cheap & Used iPhones.  You could also try Craigslist.  Craigslist asks some high prices, however you can usually ask the guy down to a lower price.  Then make the exchange in a public place.  This is usually the safest idea when you buy a iPhone locally.  Many scams and horror stories happen, so be careful.  If you don’t think you want to hassle with that try TechNak.com, or possibly eBay!  Buy or sell used iPhones here

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