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Campground & Holiday Park Booking System Considerations

A comprehensive booking system is a crucial aspect of any well-run campground or holiday park, but what should you be on the lookout for when searching for one?

If you aren’t particularly techy, it’s a decision that you might not feel qualified to make.

It can also be a big investment and it’s one that you want to get right, so we’ve picked out our three main things which we think all holiday parks should prioritize in their booking software.

Features to Look Out for

The first thing to note is what you’re actually getting for your money with the software.

Different parks have different needs, so the actual features you’ll be after will vary, but it’s best to go with an option which covers as many bases as possible.

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Good Holiday park management software doesn’t just allow you to see your availability and accept payments.

It should also allow you to manage your owners, capture and manage new leads and log various details and operations of the park.

For example, one of the most popular options is Elite Dynamics, who bring together leads, sales, management, owners, bookings, membership and finance in one package.

No matter how good the software is, it’s likely that you’ll run into a couple of glitches and hiccups now and then, so making sure that there is adequate support available, should you ever need it, is also important.


Of course, the pricing is a really important thing to take into account because even if you find an amazing solution, it’s no use if it’s going to be way out of your budget.

Take into account both your quiet and busy seasons before coming to a decision about whether you’ll be able to afford it over the course of a year.

Pricing structures for this kind of software vary and you could be asked to pay upfront or on a commission basis, so work out which is best for you.

It’s also worth noting whether they offer a demo as this allows you take the software for a test drive before making a decision.

For such a big investment, you shouldn’t be expected to jump in with an upfront payment before you’ve had a chance to test it out first.


Making sure that your new booking system is integrated with your website and existing tools is really important in the modern age, making the user experience much more streamlined.

If your booking system is integrated as a seamless part of your existing website, it comes across so much more professional and more importantly, makes life easier for your customers.

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Also, inquire about whether the software can make your own life easier by integrating with things such as social media, your calendar, or accounting software.

If you’re constantly going to be having to import data from one application to another, is it really worth it?

EliteParks – Holiday Park Management Software

EliteParks Holiday Park Management Software by Elite Dynamics in the UK is one of the most advanced park management solutions on the market.  EliteParks comprehensively provides functionality to control the management of leads, sales, management, owners, reservations, finance, and more.

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Elite Dynamics has over 65 years of combined Microsoft Dynamics NAV expertise working within the holiday park industry to create EliteParks, the most advanced management solution in the market to date, using a portfolio of vertical and horizontal business solutions based on Microsoft technology.  They consolidate all park operations and processes into one single solution.

Some features include:

  • Capture and effectively manage new opportunities withing lead management module to configure and view interactions, leads, and holidays
  • Stage and manage reports, with increased visibility and control throughout sales processes
  • Integration into Microsoft Outlook for followup and appointments
  • Manage movement and maintenance of units across the park
  • Take customer payments through point of sale
  • Streamlined and efficient processes like batch processing
  • Fully integrated reservation management module
  • Complete financial functionality standard in Microsoft Dynamics, with general/sales/purchase ledger, cash management, fixed assets, inventory management and more
Elite Dynamics

For more information about the importance of having an integrated software solution, check out this post from Oracle + Netsuite.

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