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The Best Apps For Drivers When Travelling Long Distances

driving 310x165 - The Best Apps For Drivers When Travelling Long Distances

Long distance driving can be tricky, especially when the driver is not used to where the roads lead. Luckily, technology helps a lot in making navigation a lot easier. Through your smartphones, it is now easy to navigate your way through different routes. Travelling long distances can be so much fun because of the journey. However, if you often get …

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All you need to know about Self-Driven Cars

selfdriving 310x165 - All you need to know about Self-Driven Cars

Self-Driving cars are no longer a “thing” of the future or a type of technology that can only be seen in cartoons or science fiction movies. Engineers and innovators have worked hard to make self-driving cars a reality. Like a human-driven car, there is a host of technology and information involved in the function of a self-driving car. Get Down …

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Is America Going Driverless?

driverlesss car 310x165 - Is America Going Driverless?

Spiqy.com is publishing a series of interviews to celebrate their 4th anniversary. The series, titled the Spiqy 2021, comprises of interviews conducted with innovative leaders about what the next five years are likely to look like regarding technology and innovation. The team sat down with the U.S Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, to discuss the future of driverless cars in …

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Your car is about to go open source

carwindow 310x165 - Your car is about to go open source

Automakers want to standardize on a Linux-based OS that would make vehicle infotainment systems act more like smartphones In Vehicle Infotainment Automakers are working to standardize on a Linux-based operating system for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems that would make it easier for cars to act more like smartphones. An IVI is the “black box” that powers a car’s audio and …

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Intelligent Driving: Nissan IDS Concept Car

Nissan's IDS concept

Some have imagined a future with auto driving cars to living in a world of conveyor belts that simply take people from point A to B, but the Nissan IDS Concept conceptualizes a very different vision of tomorrow.   The Nissan IDS concept was presented at the 2015 Tokyo auto show, being both an autonomous car and an electric vehicle.  IDS stands for Intelligent …

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Flying Car: The Terrafugia

TF XGray onwhite tightcrop1 310x165 - Flying Car: The Terrafugia

Terrafugia intends to lead the creation of a new flying car industry that will help humanity achieve this new dimension of personal freedom. Their transformer automobile to aircraft design and invention allows a pilot to drive from home to and and from the airport, while taking off and soaring the friendly skies, all in the same vehicle. Owning one will …

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Check Engine Light Diagnostic with iPhone or Android OBDII – Cable or Bluetooth

elm 310x165 - Check Engine Light Diagnostic with iPhone or Android OBDII - Cable or Bluetooth

Ever want to know why your check engine light came on and don't have time to go to the mechanic?  Now you can with your Android or iPhone! Update: ELM 327: Low Cost Solution with various apps available for Android and iPhone! The ELM 327 The ELM3…

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A car that runs on compressed air

1217977 v car 272x114 - A car that runs on compressed air

The world's approximate 600 million passenger cars, burn more than 100 BILLION cubic meters of fuel every year.  Say goodbye to gasoline and hello to the AIRPod. CNN takes a look at the car of the future that will run on compressed air.  S…

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Chinese Volkswagon Concept Car

1217977 v car 272x114 - Chinese Volkswagon Concept Car

The levitating car shown in the video clip displayed below currently exists only as a concept that was given form for display at an automobile show in China; a working model of the vehicle as shown in the video does not currently exist.

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Microwave weapon: ‘Heat ray’ crowd Dispersal Cannon

1359713 crazy baby 300x165 - Microwave weapon: 'Heat ray' crowd Dispersal Cannon

The American military have presented the world with a new weapon, informally named the heat ray or microwave cannon. The "Active Denial System" is a non-lethal weapon primarily designed for crowd control. A video was uploaded on YouTube by USFORCESTV…

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