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Digital Cameras vs Film Cameras

Enormous advances have been made in digital technology over the years but it is only relatively recently that sophisticated digital cameras have become affordable to the serious amateur photographer. Previously, high-end digital camera bundles were more suitable to professional photographers who made their living through photography. As far as cheap “point and shoot” digital cameras, consumers have been extremely receptive …

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Helpful Technologies to Get a Satisfying Night’s Rest

Every article and guide you read with any substance will tell you that using technology at bedtime will inhibit your sleep and the quality of it too. But, this is generally referring to the screen time that you rack up when using tablets, TVs and smartphones to stare at the screen. Put simply, these screens release a blue light that …

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What You Should Know About Digital TV

In most countries, analog TV is already history because of nationwide digital switchovers completed before the start of the year in 2014. If you are watching TV now, you may have a reasonable digital TV setup. According to the government’s DTV website, the reasons for the switch are the various picture and audio benefits which come with digital television—improvements in …

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Top 5 Best Cellphone Tripod Mounts on The Market

If you are setting out to realize hands-free photos and videos, then a cell phone tripod mount is the way to go. Ease of use, efficiency, adjustibility, and portability always come in handy. But not every tripod mount adapter holder out there can deliver where it counts. Not to worry though, here are the top five tripod mounts for your …

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10 reasons you should invest in an Android TV box

You don’t need to become an owner of a smart television in order to enjoy a smart experience. Your existing television, which has an HDMI port, can easily be transformed into a smart television. You just need to get hold of an Android TV box in order to do that transformation. Plenty of reasons are available for the people who …

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Looking to resell your old iPhone?

If you want to get money back for your iPhone, you should know that choosing the right buyback program will be the key to maximizing the amount of cash that you receive! Today, we’d like to help you by letting you know which buyback program considerations are most important. Before Selling your iPhone Before selling your iphone, make sure to …

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Wearable Technology Not that Effective for Weight Loss, Study Finds

The new battleground for the commercial fitness world is wearable technology; and this war is mainly being waged by technology firms vying for the cursory attention of the technology-conscious fitness buff. But, even though many people have grown dependent on these devices, a study is saying they may be akin to snake oil products. Study The first study involved 470 …

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Secret advantages of LEDs revealed: another 3 reasons to use them indoors and outdoors

There is a lot of buzz around LED lighting. They are massively praised for their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. But there are also some features that are not often told aloud. But still they make an LED lamp even more advantageous. Let us introduce them to you. LEDs don’t attract insects Blue and UV light attracts night-flying insects. It helps …

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Cork Magic Flip Wallet

Cork Wallet - Magic Wallet

One of the best #wallets i’ve owned made of imported#Portugese #cork. Has the consistency of leather. #magicwallet #corkwallet Get it here: https://amzn.to/2GoVGnj Here is an example of how a magic wallet works: The imported Portugese cork makes it even more magical. Get it here: https://amzn.to/2GoVGnj

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Vaping vs Smoking

Source: Times Herald

Vaping vs Smoking: Believe it or not, the era of ‘vaporizing’ is upon us and smokers are turning to the vaporizer’s claim to keep certain illnesses associated with traditional smoking at bay and their health in check.  Is the vape pen it the next best thing? Only time will tell but until then…we think it is. So smoking your very favorite …

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