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Go “Green” with These Tech Items

How can we live lightly and help improve the earth while saving money and resources at the same time?  Climate change is all over the news and it seems like many are trying to “go green”.  There are many steps we can take to help stop climate change while making our lives better. Maybe it’s time to go green with …

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Dry erase board paint turns any surface into a dry erase surface

Turn any surface into a dry erase surface with Markee Dry Erase Paint http://dryerasemagic.com/

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What is the Dark Web?

Additional Links: The Dark Net, Onion Router

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Disaster Emergency Communications

Mactro SMS Broadcaster

During Crises, when Cellular and Internet is down, how can you communicate? MACTRO TECHNOLOGY (www.mactro.com) offers a product called Mactro SMS Broadcaster. The device is an Emergency Messaging System designed for Government and Military use during crises. It is powered by a complex software algorithm and next generation RF computer hardware. MACTRO is a product of extensive engineering and years …

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How to Charge your Phone 75% Faster!

Quick Charge 2.0 is designed to operate with existing USB charging solutions. To achieve full charging speeds, a Quick Charge 2.0 enabled device must be paired with a Quick Charge 2.0 certified adapter. You can’t get these speeds with just any adapter. Fast Charging: Officially certified with Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0 technology provides faster charging and reduces up to 75% …

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Virtual reality bullet simulation vest for gamers

KOR-FX Haptic Gaming Vest

Vest that allows you to feel frags hitting you in the area you've been shot! $169 at http://www.tngames.com/shop/

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How effective HTML5 technology can be in game development?

HTML5, the relatively new web standard markup language, is great not only because it makes the Internet as a whole a lot more faster and attractive, but also because it completely revolutionized the universe of browser games. The time of Flash content was already coming to an end as it is, but the rise of HTML5 was the final hit …

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Your skin is the new touchscreen

Touchscreen Skin

Did you ever think we would come to an age where you could control everything right from your own skin? As some of our previous posts mention futuristic technologies like text messaging with your eyes, robotic suits, changing the television channel with your brain and other wearable technology, this article is about a cool new bracelet that allows you to control …

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Cork Magic Flip Wallet

Cork Wallet - Magic Wallet

One of the best #wallets i’ve owned made of imported#Portugese #cork. Has the consistency of leather. #magicwallet #corkwallet Get it here: https://amzn.to/2GoVGnj Here is an example of how a magic wallet works: The imported Portugese cork makes it even more magical. Get it here: https://amzn.to/2GoVGnj

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Vaping vs Smoking

Source: Times Herald

Vaping vs Smoking: Believe it or not, the era of ‘vaporizing’ is upon us and smokers are turning to the vaporizer’s claim to keep certain illnesses associated with traditional smoking at bay and their health in check.  Is the vape pen it the next best thing? Only time will tell but until then…we think it is. So smoking your very favorite …

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