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How to Charge your Phone 75% Faster!

chargingx600 310x165 - How to Charge your Phone 75% Faster!

Quick Charge 2.0 is designed to operate with existing USB charging solutions. To achieve full charging speeds, a Quick Charge 2.0 enabled device must be paired with a Quick Charge 2.0 certified adapter. You can’t get these speeds with just any adapter. Fast Charging: Officially certified with Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0 technology provides faster charging and reduces up to 75% …

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Your skin is the new touchscreen

Touchscreen Skin

Did you ever think we would come to an age where you could control everything right from your own skin? As some of our previous posts mention futuristic technologies like text messaging with your eyes, robotic suits, changing the television channel with your brain and other wearable technology, this article is about a cool new bracelet that allows you to control …

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Delivery by Drone

81RNYV29HCL. SL1500 1 310x165 - Delivery by Drone

Can a pizza ever be delivered by a robot/drone? Here’s the answer: Mumbai, notorious for traffic, has achieved a first in the country after a city-based pizza outlet used an unmanned drone to execute a delivery by taking the aerial route recently. “All of us had read about (global e-commerce giant) Amazon’s plans of using drones. We successfully carried out …

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Playing With A Cell Phone Radiation Detector

1236120 302041066601579 1632450332 n1 310x165 - Playing With A Cell Phone Radiation Detector

Do you remember how you used to pretend when you were a little kid? Maybe you played like you were a carpenter with his/her tools, or maybe you played like you were a doctor with a stethoscope or perhaps you played like you were a chef making a delicious recipe. It’s always fun to play with sophisticated tools, isn’t it? …

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How to run an iPad in kiosk mode for your business

20110302 ipadkiosk11 310x165 - How to run an iPad in kiosk mode for your business

The iPad has proven to be a valuable business tool, many business users have enjoyed the productivity and communications benefit of using an iPad in business as a personal computing tablet. But there are other far reaching uses of the iPad for business use which many business owners have not managed to tap into. Business can use iPads enclosed in …

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What can we expect from the next generation of iPads?

ipad Mini 42126.1351520532.1280.1280  82667.1351936926.1280.128011 310x165 - What can we expect from the next generation of iPads?

Read a great blog recently from a company in the uk called Express iPad repair leeds, it has prompted me to write a little something about the cool iPad. Apple will start ramping up production of the next generation of iPads this July and August to prepare for shipments in August and September. Fifteen million units of the new and …

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CubeStormer II

rubik s cube 128x125 - CubeStormer II

[video:youtube:d0LfkIut2M] CubeStormer II solves the Rubik's Cube puzzle faster than the human world record. This ARM Powered robot was designed, built and programmed by Mike Dobson and David Gilday, creators respectively of CubeStormer http://y…

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