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Low Cost DIY Allows Creation of Applications Based on Body Signals

Ever wondered how researchers and developers create devices powered by motion or muscle stimulation?  Have you ever wanted to develop a product geared toward helping patients with nervous system disorders, paralysis, or amputees?  How about custom applications based on body signals or applications for health monitoring? These are just some of the ideas and concepts that can be developed with …

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Cheap Tech Gifts under $50

Are you a passionate techie on a budget looking for the next best gadget or a do you love a special techie and are looking for what to get him/her?  Or maybe you are simply looking for ‘stocking stuffers’ to get your friends?  There are a multitude of gadgets are available on the market, and because there is a lot out …

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Industrial Laser Processing

Industrial laser processing allows manufacturers to mark text and graphics on uneven surfaces, with speed and precision; the technology enables many functionalities, like wrap marking around cylindrical objects, marking across concave or convex surfaces, deep engraving of 2D/3D images and more.  From the tiniest implants for medical technology or computer chips, to skulpting complete bodies, laser machines enable components to …

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5 Ways Technology is Changing the World Around Us

It’s not an overstatement to say that technology is completely changing how we live. The things that are common in our lives these days would have seemed like science fiction just a decade ago. Things that seemed to take ages a few years ago now take seconds. In many ways, our lives are constantly improving and becoming more manageable thanks …

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5 Ways Technology Has Changed How We Listen to Music

Technology and music go hand-in-hand. Throughout history, where technology has gone, so has the music industry. However, in recent decades, the music industry has been completely transformed with the exponential rise in technological devices. Everything from the iPhone to MP3 players to Spotify have completely changed the game in terms of how we consume our favorite tunes. But how exactly …

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Smart gadgets for best home temperature/cost balance

Winter time can become a pricey affair when it comes to keeping the indoors at a comfortable temperature. Making some adjustments to the construction of your home is one way to keep you from overusing electricity due to heating. Then there are some lifestyle changes that you can make to minimize the heating usage, but if you want to move …

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