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5 Gadgets Every Tech Passionate Will Fall in Love With

Are you a tech passionate always searching for the next best gadget? A multitude of gadgets are available on the market. New ones are continuously created as the tech industry advances. Five different gadgets for every tech passionate are listed below to help you find the one that suits you better. LAPTOP COOLING PAD With all the different kinds of ... Read More »

Best Laptops Under $200 in 2017

EeeBook E402MA

It’s amazing to be alive in this day and age when you can now get a laptop cheaper than the cost of a mobile phone or even a higher end NVIDIA GeForce video card.  Only a 3 decades ago, a flat panel was unheard of, and a hard drive was 5 times the price of a $200 laptop today.  $200 to spend on ... Read More »

Download Youtube Videos Free

Looking for free software to download single or multiple online videos in various quality and formats at optimal speeds without being bombarded by ads and spyware? There are many sites out there that offer YouTube download capability, but beware as many will trick you in to downloading or installing other unwelcome software.  Many sites and software are also limited and ... Read More »

Bitcoin Mining Profitability

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds.  Bitcoin operates independently of a central bank, and unlike bank accounts, Bitcoin wallets are not regulated or insured by the FDIC. Transactions are made without any middle men, which means, no ... Read More »

6 Gadgets That Are Changing Student’s Lives

The learning process a decade or two back can’t be compared to the learning process of today. A lot has changed thanks to technology. Well, not just in education but also sectors such as business, and medical care among others that have reformed too. Initially, education was more of luxury, and very few individuals in the society could afford it. ... Read More »

Buying Guide on Choosing the Best Blueray Players

Technological advancement has improved the quality of entertainment both for individuals at their homes and these running entertainment businesses. This is through the development of numerous Blu-ray appliances by leading brands in the world. This digital migration has led to the production of various Blu-ray brands expanding the consumer’s options. This leads to buyers’ dilemma in the best Blu-ray player. ... Read More »

Home Improvement with Smart Technology

Technology is improving and adapting to our needs on a regular basis and their main focus is to make the life of the consumer easier. Already some electrical appliances that are adapting to our needs in order to improve our productivity around our homes, but the latest smart technologies are taking things to a whole new level. SMART stands for ... Read More »

Best Cool Electronic Gadgets Trending

With the advancement in technology, there have been a number of amazing electronic gadgets that have been launched. These gadgets have completely shaped the way in which we perform a few of our activities. Tech giants like Google and Apple organize an exclusive event for introducing the different innovations in the field of technology. Now let’s have a look at ... Read More »

Low Cost DIY Allows Creation of Applications Based on Body Signals

Ever wondered how researchers and developers create devices powered by motion or muscle stimulation?  Have you ever wanted to develop a product geared toward helping patients with nervous system disorders, paralysis, or amputees?  How about custom applications based on body signals or applications for health monitoring? These are just some of the ideas and concepts that can be developed with ... Read More »

10 reasons you should invest in an Android TV box

You don’t need to become an owner of a smart television in order to enjoy a smart experience. Your existing television, which has an HDMI port, can easily be transformed into a smart television. You just need to get hold of an Android TV box in order to do that transformation. Plenty of reasons are available for the people who ... Read More »

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