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9 Essential Tips for Recording Vocals

You might think recording and processing vocals in a home studio is a facile task. Well, when there is no one hearing you, you can sing the way you want, but if there are a lot of people who are going to listen to your voice, you need to be prepared and geared up with every essentiality. From the way, ... Read More »

How to Setup a Home Recording Studio

Creativity needs the right conditions You are a good musician but cannot afford the use of a professional recording studio. One way to get your sound recorded is to build your own home recording studio. In this review we will give you tips on how to make your own recording studio. We will also give you some technology tips as well. ... Read More »

Grammar and Plagiarism Software for Students & Webmasters

Copied content is not only illegal in school but can also penalize websites due to duplicate content.  As a student, it’s important to start early and learn that copy other people’s work can get you in trouble later in life.  Here are some grammar and plagiarism checker tools that can be used by webmasters and students. Plagiarism Checkers Plagiarism a ... Read More »

Growing Companies Taking on the Blockchain Model

A Blockchain is a public ledger database of digital currency transactions that have ever been executed in a particular digital currency network.  It is the protocol that digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are built on top of.  It is constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks are added to it with a new set of recordings.  The blocks are added to ... Read More »

Best Bubble Shooter Games on Android

Like Bubble Shooter Games?  There are tons of them out there, super addicting and hard to put down.  From the original Bust-a-Move bubble game, Bubble Shooter, Bubble Machine, Bubble Shooter, Candy Bubble, Bubble World, Smarty Bubbles, Bubble Raiders, Bubble World, Bubble Town, and so many more, these games have made their mark on the gaming world. You might think to yourself, ... Read More »

5 Tips for Buying Office Furniture

Photo by MagicDesk, CC0 1.0

Buying office furniture can be an exciting task but can also be quite overwhelming. There are so many options available and quite a few factors to consider. By this stage, you will have an idea of how many staff and managers you will have in the various departments. Do not forget the boardroom and a break room as well as ... Read More »

Bitcoin VPS: How to Purchase A VPS Host via Bitcoin

There are VPS hosting vendors and lots of net who recognize the cryptocurrency Bitcoin that is most popular like a payment method. Nevertheless, you-can’t trust these providers all and there are numerous items before buying a web hosting plan you must consider. What’re Bitcoins? Bitcoins (BTC) cryptocurrencies or, to become less general, are the hottest form of decentralized electronic currencies. ... Read More »

Turn $451 a Month Into a Million Bucks

If you're 30 years old, you need to set aside $448 per month for next 35 years to become a millionaire - if you earn a reasonable 8% annualized return in a retirement account. Source:… Read More »

Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.

Just a reminder to not be a bully… The effects are longer lasting and more devastating than you think. What you do/say today to a person can affect that person negatively for the rest of their life! As a victim of bullying, I would like for people to share in the awareness that their bullying actions can have long lasting, ... Read More »

How to burn calories at your desk

How? Read More »

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