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Portable Apps for IT Professionals

Just got a new Android phone and thought these Android and Google apps are great for IT pros. Remote Access Android-vnc-viewer: See and control your computer’s desktop from your phone, from anywhere.  bMonitor Server Monitor: This Android app work… Read More »

How to turn cheap router into a #wireless repeater!

Have a spare router lying around? Turn it into a wireless repeater!  All you need is free DD-WRT firmware (get the latest candidate here), the instructions below, and you’re basically ready to go! Prerequisites: Know how to use and access Web Interface Know how to flash your device. This How-To provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Universal Wireless Repeater appliance: ... Read More »

Stress Test Your PC (Free)

Prime95 Over the years, Prime95 has become extremely popular among PC enthusiasts and overclockers as a stability testing utility. It includes a “Torture Test” mode designed specifically for testing PC subsystems for errors in order to help ensure the correct operation of Prime95 on that system. This is important because each iteration of the Lucas-Lehmer depends on the previous one; ... Read More »

Get the advanced version of Notepad

Get the advanced version of Windows notepad here: Has features like line numbering, show line/word wrap symbols, zoom in/out, custom schemes, find and replace, syntax schemes, and more! Very useful app! Read More »

Determine Keyword Ranking

Digitalpoint used to check search engines (currently supporting Google, Yahoo and Bing) for search engine ranking and track those ranking historically, which as you probably know is critical when doing Internet marketing for your website(s). Go here:… Read More »

Find a phone number’s carrier and text email

Looking to email blast cell phone numbers for free? Look up a number's phone carrier via these sites: Once the phone carrier is determined, add the relevant mobile email add… Read More »

Free Image Watermark

Picture-Shark is a free image watermarking tool. Additional features include: * With its wizard like interface it is super easy to use * Create real watermarks * Choose transparent color, opacity, position and much more * Use the "feather"-featu… Read More »

Ooma phone service, phone service for free

The Ooma box offers a free VOIP solution freeing you from the monthly fees of other phone service providers. International calling for pennies. [video:youtube:979Utyvs3Gw] The award-winning ooma system partners with your high-speed Internet an… Read More »

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