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How AR Is Revolutionizing Advertisements

If you are familiar with, or happen to have used McDonald’s GOL app during the 2014 FIFA World Cup or after, then you’ve interacted with augmented reality. The app, which Google says had between 50,000 and 100,000 downloads by June 6, 2014; just shortly after its release, is just one of the many ways in which popular brands are using …

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Important Things to Know About Android Smartphones and its New Launches

If you are looking for a mobile phone with the longest battery, water resistant, good camera quality, then android phones are the best choice for you. An android phone is a powerful and highly advanced Smartphone which runs on the Android operating system, which is created by Google. Using android mobiles you can able to install a varying number of …

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The Future of War is Cyber

To explain what Cyberwar is, we have to do a little exercise of imagination. Imagine a war without a battlefield, without troops deployed, without firearms, bombs, large-scale bloodshed. Imagine moving all hostilities into a large office, full of servers and monitors connected to the internet and controlled by a small handful of IT experts. Everything You Need to Know About …

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3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Education

With the evolution of technology, the human race has been fortunate enough to witness many remarkable innovations over the years. For quite a few years, scientists and researchers have been predicting the astounding revolutions that will arise with the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Various industries have implemented AI in some form or the other. So, the time is ripe …

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2018 Roundup: The Best High Tech Cars Of The Year

As 2018 draws to a close, there has been plenty of evolution in the automotive industry this year. With car companies such as Tesla and Jaguar testing the limits of technology within our vehicles, now more than ever is an exciting time for tech and car lovers alike! Here we are going to take a quick look at the best …

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Top 5 Software Development Trends in 2018, 2019

 “Predictions, predictions and more predictions”  Each expert has his own set of calculations to guess the future trend of something they specialize in. The pressure to keep up with the trends is particularly high during this time of year. Even big, elite companies around the world are stressed (probably more than smaller ones). We want to take the pressure off your …

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Exciting Health Information Technology Breakthroughs

Technology breakthroughs in healthcare are changing the face of medical field. Every year, progress in technology and connecting doctors, researchers and patient data brings hope for new studies and those suffering from illness. Medical breakthroughs are being discovered everyday and technological innovation continues to grow, changing all industries in its evolution.  Technology plays a role in almost all processes of …

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The Power of Social Media and Impact of Technology on Online Business Campaign

Small business marketing has a lot of differences in comparison with large or medium business marketing. Generally, small business owners do not like to invest a lump sum for business marketing judging the possible risk factors. In the last few years, we have observed that small business owners are mostly opting for online based business marketing or web marketing. The …

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Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionize Global Healthcare Systems

Healthcare businesses all over the world are looking for suitable opportunities that will not only reduce cost but also provide enhanced and quality patient care. The healthcare industry is evolving side by side with market-disruptive technologies with an increased demand and need for verifiable synced data. Companies are becoming more competitive and it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to …

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Cyber-Security Dangers of Repealing Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the principle that governments have put in place directing Internet Service Providers (ISP) to treat all internet traffic the same. The principle prevented the ISPs from slowing down connections to certain sites, apps or websites. This way, the ISPs were stopped from favoring specific sites and blocking others. Due to the recent decision of the Federal Communications …

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