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8 Best Pharmacy Delivery Apps You Need To Know

In today’s busy life, convenience is key. This also applies to medicine. People who are constantly moving or have difficulty in visiting stores benefit from medicine delivery applications. Large store queues were common in the past. Your vital medications may now be delivered to your home with a phone click. Pharmacy delivery applications are proliferating, making it difficult to choose …

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Mental Health Apps: How Safe Are They?

Mental health awareness has never been higher. Anxiety, despair, and substance addiction are finally being taken seriously, and individuals are seeking assistance. For example, during the epidemic, about 30% of Americans saw a therapist. Unfortunately, not everyone can provide the services of a private therapist. As a result, self-help applications that appear to provide affordable mental health care are on the rise. But, …

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Here’s How Healthcare Tech is Helping in Tackling Coronavirus

The rapid spread of Coronavirus had brought to the fore questions about that were asked when SARS spread. There are many similarities between how SARS spread and how Coronavirus is spreading. However, several things have changed since the last outbreak. For one, our healthcare tech has advanced significantly. We now have access to technology that was either non-existent or poorly …

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The Future of Fitness Apps: Integrating AR and VR for Immersive Workouts

Instead of going to the gym, work in the metaverse. There are a variety of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) fitness apps available, so you may have a fun and effective workout without leaving your house. Explore the benefits of XR Fitness and the most popular AR and VR fitness apps today. Examine the top AR and VR …

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CBD And Technology: How They Are Related?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become the most-talked-about substance whose market is growing explosively. In the last five years, it has become a household remedy used to relieve health-related ailments. Demand for CBD is exceeding expectations, and technology has played a significant role. The CBD industry is projected to grow over the next few years due to changing consumer needs and increased …

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Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionize Global Healthcare Systems

Healthcare businesses all over the world are looking for suitable opportunities that will not only reduce cost but also provide enhanced and quality patient care. The healthcare industry is evolving side by side with market-disruptive technologies with an increased demand and need for verifiable synced data. Companies are becoming more competitive and it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to …

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How Technology is Helping to Combat the Coronavirus, RSV, Flu

China has spent several decades building up its tech sector, and now that it is faced with a massive health crisis, itis is pushing its tech companies to join the fight against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The death toll of the coronavirus outbreak has reached over 6.65M, with more than 650M people infected worldwide. For RSV, in the 2022-2023 season, …

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Tips for Someone Looking to Start Their Remote Healthcare Career

The healthcare sector is evolving quickly, and online treatment is becoming more common. Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, many healthcare practitioners have resorted to remote work to protect their employees and patients. Several options are accessible if you want to start a remote healthcare job. Explore the Different Remote Healthcare Career Options Telemedicine Healthcare professionals searching for remote employment have …

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Industries That Will Boom After COVID-19

Coronavirus has affected the World severely. Many businesses are declining due to the Pandemic. But the Pandemic is not all that bad as it creates opportunities for new business. Existing industries are working to fit themselves within the new reality. Here is the list of industries that will boom or continue to boom after the Covid-19 Pandemic. Personal Protective Equipment …

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Technologies Changing the Future of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is moving at a rapid pace, going through massive technological changes, from digital networks to wearable products. Here are some health tech innovations that are changing the future. Medical Advice Online Ever heard of legal zoom?  How about something for those needing medical advice?  Sometimes, WebMD just won’t cut it.  You need a customized answer, something specific …

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