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New Gadgets and Hardware

No Use for Weapons: Google Introduces AI Guidelines

google ai 310x165 - No Use for Weapons: Google Introduces AI Guidelines

A new company policy states that Google’s AI technology should not be used in weapons. In other areas, however, the group still wants to cooperate with the military. When it became known in March 2018 that Google’s AI technology was used in a Project Maven, a Pentagon pilot program that uses artificial intelligence to analyze drone footage, this led to …

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Why Augmented Reality Is Amazing

native advertisement social media trends 2017 live streaming messaging augmented realtity1 310x165 - Why Augmented Reality Is Amazing

Virtual reality has been stealing the show for the last couple of years, promising a totally immersive and amazing experience to its ever-increasing user base. There is just one major issue with it: it requires its users to stay in enclosed areas, and this makes it a bit too similar to traditional video games played on a large screen. But …

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$60 LED light bulb that lasts for 20 years

ledbulb 283x165 - $60 LED light bulb that lasts for 20 years

UPDATE:  September 21, 2016 Remember when we posted this 4 years ago?  You don’t?  Us neither, but someone found it.  $60 bulbs?  Really?  Today LED Lights are ubiquitous and. .  . well . . . maybe a tad cheaper. Here is the 2012 story as we ran it to catch up: “Phillips has invented a prize-winning light bulb that lasts …

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Future of IPTV

sign off tv 1 15557911 310x165 - Future of IPTV

According to the Digital TV Western Europe Forecasts report, 2015 is a landmark year for IPTV in Western Europe. The number of IPTV subscribers has finally overtaken the number of pay satellite TV users and is forecasted to grow by 27% between 2015 and 2021. So by 2021 the IPTV audience will count 32,5 million houses and IPTV revenues will …

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Zink Technology uses zero ink printing

printer 2 1153295 m1 300x165 - Zink Technology uses zero ink printing

Here's a new technology for us consumers who hate having to buy new ink. Zero Ink printing by Zink. Uses thermal paper and a special advanced heat-reactive crystals impregnated into the paper. Zink paper passes under a thermal transfer head, with mini…

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Wearable Technology

robot 310x165 - Wearable Technology

Today’s world offers several new wearable technology inventions that make our lives more organized and efficient, or provide health benefits from monitoring health to replacing body parts.  Here are some technologies that are changing the world. Wearable Personal Trainer Track steps, distance, calories burned; monitors sleep cycles. Wearable pedometer with mobile phone communication technology now allows you to have a …

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Your skin is the new touchscreen

Touchscreen Skin

Did you ever think we would come to an age where you could control everything right from your own skin? As some of our previous posts mention futuristic technologies like text messaging with your eyes, robotic suits, changing the television channel with your brain and other wearable technology, this article is about a cool new bracelet that allows you to control …

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Text messaging with your eyes

1405557 boys green eye1 300x165 - Text messaging with your eyes

So 15 years ago, we used pagers and learned to text using numbers. Now we have cellphones to text. In the next 15 years, we will be texting with our EYES. Belgian technologists have created a curved liquid crystal display for contact lenses, a novel step toward having augmented reality literally right before our eyes. They’ve got an eye on …

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Devices Powered Via Wireless

abc 1 300x1681 300x165 - Devices Powered Via Wireless

Ever think of all the large amounts of wireless energy and radio frequencies that surround us? Well, It’s enough to power a wireless device! Wireless devices go battery-free with new “ambient scatter” communication technique – University of Washington engineers have created a new wireless communication system allowing devices to interact with each other without relying on batteries or wires for power. Using …

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“Google Glass” and Emerging Optical Technology (Infographic)

contact lens display 348x196 310x165 - “Google Glass” and Emerging Optical Technology (Infographic)

The future promises the continued blending of technology and the eye (such as Google’s project glass) and other amazing emerging optical technologies on the very near horizon. Google[x] started Project Glass to build a special kind of glasses, moving t…

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