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EDV-01 Japanese Post-Disaster House Can Spring Into Shape In Under Five Minutes

The Daiwa Lease, a giant of the construction industry of Japan, in recent days has presented EDV-01 protoype, a module housing for natural disasters. The transport of these prefabricated units is via helicopter or truck and setup takes just 5 minutes…

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Robot Fish Teach Japanese Children About Ocean Life

robot fish11 310x165 - Robot Fish Teach Japanese Children About Ocean Life

A Japanese marine biologist and educator named Masamichi Hayashi has developed a new aspect of education. He has created some one hundred life-like, hand-made fish bots constructed from all kinds of recycled objects, including everything under the sun fr…

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Quiet day for Conficker worm, for now….

The highly publicized conficker work virus quietly phones home today for instructions on how to behave, visiting 500 of 50,000 random generated websites. Distructive action from the work has yet to be seen. Perhaps it will be triggered at a later date,…

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10 GB tranmission through the air

A new millimeter-wave technology sends data at 10 gigabits per second developed by engineers at Batelle, a research and development firm from Columbus, OH. The technology operates on 60-100 Ghz. Read more on this amazing feat here: http://www.techno…

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