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Information Technology Blog – Featured

Emerging trends in information technology

762155 letters web laptop 4 300x165 - Emerging trends in information technology

As a CIO or any employee in any IT department, it is important to keep up to date with Technology and new trends.  CEO's and management alike should keep abreast of new technologies and competitors to be on top of their game.  . An IT degree o…

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Best Freeware for Windows

free1 310x165 - Best Freeware for Windows

Don't want to pay for software for your Windows machine? See here! Security Software: Open Antivirus A free online community run antivirus program for people interested in antivirus and security research. http://www.openantivirus.org/ Truecry…

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Portable Apps for IT Professionals

portable apps1 310x165 - Portable Apps for IT Professionals

Just got a new Android phone and thought these Android and Google apps are great for IT pros. Remote Access Android-vnc-viewer: See and control your computer’s desktop from your phone, from anywhere.  bMonitor Server Monitor: This Android app work…

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How to remove personal information from Internet (Part 2)

spokeo 310x165 - How to remove personal information from Internet (Part 2)

For folks concerned about their personal information potentially costing them jobs and relationships, or for those dealing with the harsh realities of social media fallout, the decision to “pull the plug” is an increasingly attractive one. And while it might seem impossible to keep your private life private and your Internet presence to a minimum in a 24/7 connected world, the …

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Which Industry Should You Be Doing IT In?

intro title 100589611 orig 310x165 - Which Industry Should You Be Doing IT In?

In today’s digital world, technology has become a part of everything we do. It touches all parts of today’s marketplace, so it’s not surprising that the tech job market continues to pick up steam. According to a recent report from staffing firm Modis, demand in the technology job market is expected to grow 18% by the year 2022. Have you …

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Programming Language Shootout

Which Programming Language Should You Learn?

So you want to learn programming, but don’t know which one to learn. There are so many out there! To help you find your first programming language to learn, here is some information that might help you find your right path and interest. What is Programming? – The action or process of writing computer programs. – Writing very specific instructions …

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Privacy and Security on the Internet

eyes of a hunter 675917 m 300x165 - Privacy and Security on the Internet

We all think we are safe when using the internet, but with over 2 billion users on the net at the same time as you, how safe can your privacy and security on the Internet really be? It’s about time you start protecting yourself from potential threats. Today we will talk about different methods you can use to help stay …

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How to Secure Wireless Network

736838 combination lock1 237x165 - How to Secure Wireless Network

Many businesses utilize their own Wi-Fi hotspots. However, the rise of internet crime has resulted in a need for these wireless networks to be more secure than ever, with national compliance standards and violation fines that could cost a company hundre…

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