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Why Small Businesses Need a Website?

If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. With the advance in technology more and more people are exposed to internet. Gradually they are learning to utilize the Internet for their daily requirements. A website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your ... Read More »

Benefits of Integration of Technology in the Education Sector

Many countries are struggling in increasing the literacy rate. There are numerous cultural and socio-political factors which cause hindrance in the provision of excellent education to the youth of the country despite their genders. With the situation becoming more critical and competitive around the globe, it is essential for governments to take enough measures in order to ensure that quality education ... Read More »

Who is Calling Me?

Have caller ID and can’t always find a way to verify the person calling?  For years, cold calling and call spamming has been a common bad business practice for many companies.  They bombard businesses and consumers with unwanted phone calls, even though you are already on a do not call list. Here are some tips to help find out who ... Read More »

5 Common Mistakes That Ruin Any PowerPoint Presentation

Preparing a presentation is a useful activity both while you are studying at college or starting your career path. Students start making them at school, then by trial and error, they learn which tools and expression methods have a higher impact. Mistakes which beginner presenters make are typical so your presentations will be more attractive and impressive if you learn ... Read More »

The Best Code Editors for Linux

In our opinion there is no better place to code than on Linux. It’s just built for it. However, just like Windows and Macs, you need the right tool for the job. Thankfully, on Linux there are a many code editors for you to choose from. That’s the best part about Linux. The open source community gives you many amazing ... Read More »

5 B2B lead technology strategies for 2018

Lead technology is the most important component of any commercial enterprise. Top-line of your financials is certainly the base of your business. For your business to be on a growth path in 2018, it should possess the potential to attract new prospects inside the form of leads, then convert them into new clients via it is sales pipe-line. So, you ... Read More »

Why You Need a VPN Today

Security is one of the primary concerns of internet users today. Hacking and data theft are among the worst fears of everyday people who work and play online. In addition to concerns over these threats, internet users are often plagued by too many targeted advertisements, restrictions, and bad connections. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, offer a solution to many of ... Read More »

Augmented Reality Apps with Vuforia

Vuforia. Why you should use it. Overview and analyze. As we told before, Vuforia is an instrumental platform of augmented reality, which helps you to reconstitute current objects into 3D models. Beta testing of definition shows that it has good capacity and has good reviews from users. Platform works on Windows, OS X, Android, IOS and Linux. You could use ... Read More »

How to Avoid Email Scams

There are various email and online scams that have plagued our inboxes for many years.  Some emails try to get you to open a zip file, click a link to execute a virus, or open a back door to your computer.  Many others try to phish your sensitive information and many others are scams that target your bank account.  Many of these ... Read More »

How to Easily Unlock Your iPhone 7

Owning an iPhone 7 is cool. However, being unable to use your iPhone 7 with other carriers other than the one your iPhone is locked to isn’t. This is because most of these carriers charge exorbitant fees and offer poor customer service as they know you have no choice but to use them. Well, that is until you decide to ... Read More »

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