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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality on your Smartphone

6611 310x165 - Virtual Reality on your Smartphone

Most gamers know about Occulus and new virtual reality technologies coming out, but for a much higher price tag than what Google has improvised, which is made out of mere cardboard! Revealed at the Google IO conference, Cardboard is a scored, flat-pack box that you fold into set of cardboard goggles that hold your phone; an accompanying software package uses your phone’s screen …

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Text messaging with your eyes

1405557 boys green eye1 300x165 - Text messaging with your eyes

So 15 years ago, we used pagers and learned to text using numbers. Now we have cellphones to text. In the next 15 years, we will be texting with our EYES. Belgian technologists have created a curved liquid crystal display for contact lenses, a novel step toward having augmented reality literally right before our eyes. They’ve got an eye on …

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