Top US Cities To Base Your Growing Tech Business

a top silicon valley dealmaker is predicting a big year for tech ma1 310x165 - Top US Cities To Base Your Growing Tech Business

When it comes to launching a business, you want to find a professional base that permits minimal overheads paired with a promising pool of potential clients. Often, in the interests of financial success, you’ll need to relocate and base your growing business in a city that’s different to your hometown. So what characteristics should you look for when deciding whether …

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Guide for Recovering Your Data

hard drive 12435971 310x165 - Guide for Recovering Your Data

There are few things more frustrating and worrying than losing your data, and this is particularly true if you have sensitive, important or sentimental information on your hard drive. It is for this reason why it is so important to perform regular backups and to also back up to an external drive or to cloud software, but if you do …

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Why Is Having Data Backup Extremely Essential For a Business?

databackup 310x165 - Why Is Having Data Backup Extremely Essential For a Business?

We all have seen the backlash Facebook and Mark have received after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. User data or any other data is very important for a person or any other commercial or non-commercial organization. That’s why #deletefacebook became a trend within a short span of time after Facebook data leak. Cindi Howson in her book ‘Successful Business Intelligence’ writes …

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Free Data Recovery Software

partitionrecovery 310x165 - Free Data Recovery Software

Have you ever used the system restoration partition or CD for your computer and accidentally wiped out all your files?  Doh!  If you don’t have a backup, you are likely to have lost your system the way it was and may appear to have lost all your files, but not all hope is lost.  If you did not keep writing …

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Online Backups Can Spare You a Lot of Trouble

data backup1 300x165 - Online Backups Can Spare You a Lot of Trouble

After the latest (but not last) crash, when you lost all your valuable data, you finally made up your mind that backups might be a fuss but they really can save your sanity or at least spare you a lot of trouble. If you have ever experienced a hard drive crash, have been infected by a really bad virus, have …

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Recover data from hard drive after format

Hard Drive

My cousin recovered an accidentally formatted hard drive with this cool program. I've been using it since. Not very good at recovering super large files like movies however. Get it here:

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Hot Backup Software

Server Hard Drive

DriveImage XML is an easy to use and reliable program for imaging and backing up partitions and logical drives. Backup logical drives and partitions to image files Browse images, view and extract files Restore images to the same or a different dri…

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Defeating Worms And Viruses

Virus Warning

A virus is a self- replicating, malicious application that can easily penetrate an operating system with the sole purpose of spreading harmful programming codes. It can utilize networks to forward copies of genuine codes in other computers and thus cause damage through the consumption of bandwidth, along with the deletion of files and sending data through e-mails. It can also …

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

IT Disaster Recovery and the SME

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place?  Over the past 10 years, IT based systems have become more deeply embedded in the processes of small organizations, often running applications and services essential for the business to operate effectively. Unfortunately, this can also mean that the protection they receive may not have been revisited for many years. Here is …

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Fireproof Waterproof Hard Drive Eliminates Off-Site Backups

1334872  300x165 - Fireproof Waterproof Hard Drive Eliminates Off-Site Backups

Don't have an office backup recovery plan? Paying someone to do tape backups and change them constantly? Eliminate offsite backups with fireproof hard drive boxes! Fire, Water, and Flood disaster protection. More information here: http://www.klsec…

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