Technology Journals and Publications

modern library 12290271 e1499361577883 310x165 - Technology Journals and Publications

You may or may not have heard of these IT publications, but they are at the top for a reason.Wired  No matter what your area of IT expertise or interest, Wired covers it. With columns on everything from technology in cars to national security, you…

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Social Media Marketing World 2015: Seven things you need to know

social 310x165 - Social Media Marketing World 2015: Seven things you need to know

Social media marketing is something that holds the ability to refresh your business from an ambling run. You just need to be a little smart with some nifty tricks, and then it really doesn’t take much time to be an adept. Conversion is significant. Well, without making much delay, here we present some of the must know things about social …

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5 Link Building Tips

links 300x165 - 5 Link Building Tips

Google routinely updates its search algorithms, which determine the order in which sites appear for any given search term or phrase. It’s important to understand the latest criteria being used by the algorithms if you want to increase the odds that your business will appear in the number-one position for relevant search terms, and of course, as a business owner, …

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WordPress htaccess security

wordpress logo1 310x165 - Wordpress htaccess security

Did your WordPress install get hacked? It’s becoming more common and methods of hacking are changing daily. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS with over 70 million users, but very targeted by hackers due to it’s large userbase, unsecured themes and plugins. One of the important measures a site owner can and should take is to secure WordPress directories …

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Best IT Blogs

itblog 310x165 - Best IT Blogs

We are getting ready for 2018!  What are the Best IT Blogs and IT information sites of 2017 and 2018? Submit your recommendation here: Information Week InformationWeek is the world’s most trusted online community for business technology professionals like you. Our community members include thought-leading CIOs, CTOs, IT VPs and managers, along with hundreds of thousands of other IT professionals.  This …

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Let investors INVEST in your blog

profitableblog 300x165 - Let investors INVEST in your blog

Did you know that the concept of a virtual stock market for websites and blogs is turning heads everywhere? RankTrader is the first company to attract investors to websites/blogs. It’s like the real stock market but without the paper work, and makes it so that the game attracts more investors towards your site. The shares are virtual – meaning investors do not have a real share of …

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Does Your #Blog Annoy People? #marketing

angry 310x165 - Does Your #Blog Annoy People? #marketing

How would you feel if you knew your blog was annoying users? There’s a good chance you would like to fix the problem. However, you can‘t fix it unless you know it exits. Take a minute to find out if you’re guilty of any of these annoying blog habits. No “About Me” Section Blogs are meant to tear down walls …

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Have an awesome blog?

itblog 310x165 - Have an awesome blog?

Have an awesome blog? Be part of our blog roll and have top notch IT exposure and visibility for free (must be really good, however). #1 again on Google for "Information Technology Blog" out of 1.5 BILLION RESULTS!!! and #1st page for "IT…

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