How to Compete with Industry Leaders

Two entrepreneurs competing in a business competition1 310x165 - How to Compete with Industry Leaders

Something that every small business struggles with no matter what industry they are in is competing with industry leaders. Consumers tend to gravitate towards these larger companies because they are much easier to discover — and they will often have a positive reputation — so people believe that they will have a good experience with the company. This can be …

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Software for Business: A Buyer’s Guide

call centre software1 310x165 - Software for Business: A Buyer's Guide

Whether you are the owner of a fledgling business who is looking to streamline its operations, or whether you are looking for a new software solution due to your business having outgrown its previous one, investing in software is not something to take lightly. Finding the right solution could mean the difference between failure and success, and with so many …

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Top Ways Companies Using to Avoid US Tariff

chinaUS 310x165 - Top Ways Companies Using to Avoid US Tariff

We are no strangers to the global trade war of which U.S. has been accused of by China. China tends to believe that the imposition of such high tariffs on the global metals like steel and aluminum, the U.S. has started a global trade war. The new raging war has been a matter of discussion for many economists around the …

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What is big data analytics and it’s impact on your organization?  

Big Data

About eighty percent of the data in your enterprise is in a multi-structured format, and that means it’s not in a relational format and is hard to analyze.  Big data implies different analytics, different data structures, and diversity to the analytics that we need to deliver. Big data generates value from very large data sets that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques.  Organized, it can help many …

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Top 20 Tech Websites & Blogs To Follow in 2020

Technology for Business1 310x165 - Top 20 Tech Websites & Blogs To Follow in 2020

Technological advancement is not new to anyone in this fastly growing ear as it is offering something new and useful every day to mankind. Innovations take place worldwide and it becomes important to stay aware of all the latest tech trends, news, reviews, launches, and so on. And how can we create tech awareness is simply by exploring various tech …

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Five Ways IT Can Help Business Owners Cut Expenditure

money 310x165 - Five Ways IT Can Help Business Owners Cut Expenditure

Technology and the internet have transformed the way that business owners conduct business. Not only has the internet made businesses more efficient, but it has also provided entrepreneurs with better marketing and selling opportunities through e-commerce stores, for example. However, one of the greatest advantages of the internet for business owners has been its ability to enable them to cut …

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5 Tips To Reduce Software Development Costs

995000 php code 300x165 - 5 Tips To Reduce Software Development Costs

Custom software development is a costly process. That’s why many companies put it off for years, struggling with off-the-shelf options and losing revenue. Is it possible to reduce software development costs? Let’s be realistic. You would still need to pay a hefty amount to get top-notch software. Development involves a formidable effort and expertise, so it can’t be cheap. However, …

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4 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Employee Retention

Customer Retention 11 310x165 - 4 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Employee Retention

As a company owner or manager, you may think that finding and securing the best employees in the business is the hardest part of the employment process, but in fact, it is actually retaining these high-quality candidates which can prove to be the most challenging. Somewhat shockingly, approximately three million people voluntarily leave their job every month in the U.S, …

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