How to protect your business when you’re working on the cloud

dreamstime m 40428252 310x165 - How to protect your business when you’re working on the cloud

The benefits of cloud computing are numerous – and on-going developments in the technology are making accessing these benefits ever-easier, whether you’re a huge corporation or a fresh out of the blocks start-up. However, your IT infrastructure contains one of the most sensitive parts of your business – your data – and questions are repeatedly asked about whether or not …

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Cloud Computing- A Definitive Way to Amply your Business Productivity

39822905909 310x165 - Cloud Computing- A Definitive Way to Amply your Business Productivity

In traditional business operations, if you wanted to get access to anything in your company, it had to be done through software locally installed on your computer.   Email clients and office application software suites are required to be installed locally in order for anything to function. Thumb drive and external drives enable some flexibility for people to transport essential files, …

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Information Technology, A Look At The Future

laptop phone 310x165 - Information Technology, A Look At The Future

The field of information technology has had a major role in how modern businesses are operated. Without an actual, functioning IT department, you can believe that it’s not going to be easy to survive as an enterprise in this day and age. Such companies will be struggling with everything from the basic management of logistics to the actual communications within …

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Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

dreamstime m 40428252 310x165 - Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

Choosing a web host for your sites can be an ordeal. Finding the right one makes all the difference between having a successful long standing relationship that leads to years of continued partnership. The best hosting provider for you will depend on a few factors. The type of hosting you need, the type of site you want to be hosted, …

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AWS Tags: What makes them so important?

image AWS tags1 400x1981 310x165 - AWS Tags: What makes them so important?

Addition of AWS tags to the Amazon resources and assets is an easy but extremely critical component of managing the infrastructure. When utilized intelligently, these tags enable the IT teams to streamline the way they handle the deployment environments. Structural profiles that are benefited from AWS tags Environment-based tags can be utilized by customers with bigger AWS footprints. These tags …

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Amazon Web Services AWS – Accelerate Your Cloud Success

amazon web services1 310x165 - Amazon Web Services AWS - Accelerate Your Cloud Success

Amazon Web Services is an extensive, developing distributed Cloud computing stage gave by Web administrations are here and there called cloud administrations or remote figuring administrations. The primary AWS offerings were propelled in 2006 to give online administrations to sites and customer side applications. What Is Cloud Computing Distributed computing is the on-request conveyance of process power, database stockpiling, …

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Share your favorite bookmarks

bookmarkmanager 310x165 - Share your favorite bookmarks

The Internet is full of useful websites and information, but how do you remember all of the ones you’ve visited?  How do you keep them organized or share them with friends?  While there are many bookmark managers out there, like Google bookmarks, or your favorites store in your personal browser, the ability and function to share bookmarks is a little …

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Enhanced Cloud Security

dreamstime m 40428252 310x165 - Enhanced Cloud Security

Nearly a decade ago most of the general public were left scratching their heads when the idea of the Cloud was introduced.  They knew and liked the Internet, but what was this new thing that seemed to be just an online storage service.  Adoption was slow, even in the enterprise space, but slowly and surely the needle started to move.  …

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Cloud Security

dreamstime m 40428252 310x165 - Cloud Security

7 Steps for Building Security in the Cloud from the Ground Up Planning EarlyIdentify VulnerabilitiesMitigate Security VulnerabilitiesProtect DataSecure your platformExtend trust across federated cloudsChoose the right service providerThe cloud seems to…

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2015 Cloud Predictions

SG Cloud15 v041 310x165 - 2015 Cloud Predictions

Below are some more predictions, dealing with everything from storing and accessing shared data to lowering costs of data storage, as well as the appearance of more middle-market, small business and private cloud hosting services.

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