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How to Setup a Cratejoy Theme

“How do I setup a cratejoy theme” is one of the main question that new subscription box entrepreneurs ask around the internet. Obviously this is one of the most important step while designing a cratejoy subscription box and realizing its importance, I am going to explain this process which will certainly be helpful for the newcomers in this market. Cratejoy ... Read More »

How to Speed up your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the widely used web building tools in the World. The ease and flexibility that it provides are unmatched and unrivaled by any other platform. WordPress as a content management system (CMS) is used by around 60% of the websites. Due to its ever growing features and benefits, it has become one of the most dominating web ... Read More »

How to Make a WordPress Website that Instantly Attracts your Target Audience

WordPress is a great tool for website development. In fact, it is one of the most used development platforms at the present day. 22% of the newly built websites are powered by WordPress. It offers a lot of features for the developers and also adds to the better user experience for the users. It is extremely easy to use and ... Read More »

What is Managed WordPress Hosting vs Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

So you have developed this great WordPress website or built a wonderful blog and are renewing your WordPress hosting plan? One of the decisions you have to make is between the two possible hosting plans; managed and unmanaged. You may have heard other webmasters talking about managed plans, but you don’t know if such webhosting solution is right for your ... Read More »

Best WordPress Blog Themes

WordPress has thousands of free ways to customize your blog site to make it unique for you and your purposes. This is done through “themes” that are available on the WordPress marketplace. You can either go for the free themes or you can get Premium WordPress Blog Themes for a price. You can either purchase WordPress Templates directly from WordPress ... Read More »

Intranet CMS that can manage your content effectively

The intranet CMS system you use for your office will help you create and manage content in a manner that is in-line with your personal or business needs. You may have quite a lot of content to create, and it is difficult to build your content when you do not have the proper system. The CMS you choose will change ... Read More »

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a WordPress Site?

It can be pretty tough to answer the question of how much it costs to develop a WordPress site. There is a super large range of prices that might be involved in the development of your site, if you choose for them to be. Or if you just want to click “install” on those WordPress files and make a free ... Read More »

What is the best shopping cart for your business?

What is the best shopping cart for your business? Do you feel like the more you read about shopping carts, the more difficult it is to choose the most optimal solution for your online store? Here are some basic factors in choosing the best shopping cart that you have to consider, because they will limit the possible options.What is the ... Read More »

3 Tools to Secure Your WordPress Blog

When it comes to security, WordPress is famously lacking. In 2013 it was reported that 73% of WordPress blogs are vulnerable to attack, and that number is so large that it’s a safe bet that lots of blogs are vulnerable, still. So how do you avoid being attacked? Here are two apps that will help you avoid the worst case ... Read More »

Is a responsive design right for your ecommerce website?

As an eCommerce professional, what should you keep in mind?    Here are some considerations: User friendly, improved user experience: When done correctly, responsive design can improve user experience. Online retailers utilizing responsive design are generally seeing consumers respond positively to the new, more user-friendly experience with decreased bounce rates and increased page views from mobile and tablet sessions. Mobile ... Read More »

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