4 Informative LinkedIn Groups for Higher Education

LinkedIn? I already have so many social apps to cover!  If this was your first thought on LinkedIn, you are not alone. We all thought it will be the new social platform, and it is true but, the core purpose of LinkedIn differs from Facebook, Twitter, IG, and Snapchat. LinkedIn! Ruling the Social Professional Kingdom Where we only post pictures …

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Six Vital Tips for People Pursuing A Doctorate

A doctorate, also formally known as Ph.D., is the highest educational degree allotted to students by a graduate school. Pursuing a doctorate allows you to join the community of scholars who share the same passion as you for a particular subject or research area. Acquiring this degree is not only something to be proud of, but it also gives you …

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What is Information Technology

In our interconnected world, Information Technology (IT) has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, driving innovation, shaping industries, and transforming the way we live and work.  Skip to Part 2 of What is Information Technology in the Future? But what exactly is information technology? In this article, we embark on a journey to demystify this dynamic field, exploring …

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Four Ways The Internet Can Advance Your Career

It doesn’t matter if you have an entry-level job or you have a senior role; either way, you can use the internet to advance your career. The internet is always growing and evolving, and every year there are new opportunities for people to improve their skills and earn more money. But how exactly can you take advantage of this? Here …

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How Can Electronic Health Records(EHRs) Help to Create Mandatory School Health Reports?

EHRs are real-time patient-centered health records that make health and medical information available to authorized users promptly and securely. The system includes a broader perspective of a patient’s care than just a record of medical and treatment history. It: Is a book that keeps track of a patient’s medical history, diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment plans, vaccination dates, allergies, radiological pictures, and …

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Higher Education: What is Ellucian Banner ERP?

Today’s students have high expectations for service and performance, thus higher education leaders around the world are thinking more creatively about how their people and technology can work together more efficiently to meet and exceed those expectations. To stay competitive with other schools, institutions need to deliver a convenient and connected technology experience that makes everyday tasks easier. What is …

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Which Industry Should You Be Doing IT In?

In today’s digital world, technology has become a part of everything we do. It touches all parts of today’s marketplace, so it’s not surprising that the tech job market continues to pick up steam. According to a recent report from staffing firm Modis, demand in the technology job market is expected to grow 18% by the year 2022. Have you …

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What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Writing a computer program is probably one of the most important skills to learn currently. Computer programming communities are increasingly emerging because computers are becoming essential in every sector. Therefore, if you plan to learn coding, either for career progression or as a hobby, you should consider starting from the basics. Among the fundamentals is identifying a specific programming language …

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