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Health Tech

Ergonomics For Desk People: Tension On The Page, Not On Your Back

Most every person sitting at a desk feels like they’re not sitting properly at their desk, but most don’t do anything about it. However, if you don’t you risk causing permanent damage to your back. The changes you have to make aren’t that difficult though. Read on to find out how to save your back by making changes to the …

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Technologies Changing the Future of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is moving at a rapid pace, going through massive technological changes, from digital networks to wearable products. Here are some health tech innovations that are changing the future. Medical Advice Online Ever heard of legal zoom?  How about something for those needing medical advice?  Sometimes, WebMD just wont cut it.  You need a customized answer, something specific …

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Can cell phones cause tumors?

Because cell phones usually are held near the head when being used, a concern has been whether they might cause or contribute to tumors or cancer. Do Cell Phones Cause Tumors? Some studies have found a possible link to cancer and tumors, however it will take decades for studies to find an actual direct link.  A few studies have looked …

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Low Cost DIY Allows Creation of Applications Based on Body Signals

Ever wondered how researchers and developers create devices powered by motion or muscle stimulation?  Have you ever wanted to develop a product geared toward helping patients with nervous system disorders, paralysis, or amputees?  How about custom applications based on body signals or applications for health monitoring? These are just some of the ideas and concepts that can be developed with …

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Bionic Vision Right Around the Corner

A team of US and Finnish bioengineers have embedded an antenna, radio receiver, control circuitry, and LED into a wearable contact lens. The technology is currently being tested by rabbits, in their research lab at the University of Washington, Seattle.…

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Top 6 Weight Loss Apps for 2018, 2019

Technology today is a strong ally in our effort to become healthier and even lose weight. If you have a smartphone and wish to lose weight, change your diet, or improve your health, then you are in luck. In this guide, you’ll find five weight loss apps that can help you achieve your goals. Technology has made it easier for …

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Doctor VR Will See You Now

VR has revolutionized the way healthcare operates. It lets the professionals to learn & enhance their skills without actually operating a patient. It has eminently raised the training methods to a different level from theoretical & video training. It helps to learn new procedures &simplify the usage of medical tools, equipment’s in risk free setting. VR helps the Doctors to diagnose without the surgery or real …

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$900 keyboard is self sanitizing and approved by the FDA

$900 keyboard is self sanitizing and approved by the FDA for healthcare use. Vioguard, a company started by two Microsoft Hardware veterans and their business partners, says it has received U.S. Food & Drug Administration approval for use of its se…

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