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Are Millennials a Lost Generation?

The generation with the highest joblessness and debt out of school remains optimistic, though the punches keep on coming. Millennials = those coming of age since the millenium. 16-34 year olds. At 14%[2] of the population, you can’t miss ’em. Including the 15,875,590[2][1](number below x .37) Millennials who are unemployed or out of the workforce. That’s 37% of the 42,907,000[2] …

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Evolution of Java as a Programming Language

Java has evolved in the past 21 years, from a small programming language focused on embedded devices is now used to build enterprise level websites and software’s. With 3 Billion devices running on Java, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming language in the world. Today, we take a look at how Java has evolved over the years …

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The Top 10 Worst Jobs in IT

Not every job in technology involves sitting in a comfy chair, analyzing data.  Here is a list of some of the worst jobs in tech. Electronics Assembly With devices like cell phones and tablets becoming increasingly central to everyday life, those who assemble such devices are under growing strain to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality products. The stress recently led …

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“Google Glass” and Emerging Optical Technology (Infographic)

The future promises the continued blending of technology and the eye (such as Google’s project glass) and other amazing emerging optical technologies on the very near horizon. Google[x] started Project Glass to build a special kind of glasses, moving t…

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