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IT Gadgets

What can we expect from the next generation of iPads?

Read a great blog recently from a company in the uk called Express iPad repair leeds, it has prompted me to write a little something about the cool iPad. Apple will start ramping up production of the next generation of iPads this July and August to prepare for shipments in August and September. Fifteen million units of the new and …

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My old highschool gets down with Technology! More here: http://www.serviterobotics.org/

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$900 keyboard is self sanitizing and approved by the FDA

$900 keyboard is self sanitizing and approved by the FDA for healthcare use. Vioguard, a company started by two Microsoft Hardware veterans and their business partners, says it has received U.S. Food & Drug Administration approval for use of its se…

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Pen Computer

Invented by NEC Corp and NEC Design Ltd. with the prototype cost of $30,000, the future of computers can possibly be re-shaped. The concept entails the integration of a computer into a pen. NEC designers call it a “Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget…

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Linux Cluster Computer

The Helmer Project, a composition of 24 cores running each at 2.4 Ghz, with a total of 48GB ram, and only 400W of power. The ultimate rendering and processing personal computer, standing up at only 2.5 feet. Personal super computer: http://helmer…

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