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Three Innovations that Can Enhance Blog/Paper Writing Services

In the digital era we live today, technology is enhancing many functions in a bid to improve their efficiency. However, have you considered the impact of artificial intelligence advancements on paper writing services? Most recently, bots were created to offer essay writing services and have changed its course nonetheless to a better one. To ensure that you can rip the …

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3 Ways to Make Technology Work Better for You

Before the internet businesses communicated by telephone, mail or courier. There was also a system called the telex machine, which was a global network that was like an email system. We were also graced with the invention of the fax machine allowing us to send documents around the world. It was at this point the world started getting itself in …

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Optimize your Image File Sizes Free

Did you know that Google now checks pagespeed as part of it’s agorithm in ranking your site?  Is your site slow due to images that are loading slowly on your website? Here are some recommended image compression software you can use to compress your images and help speed up the loading of your website. Website Planet Compress PNG/JPG is an …

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Super Useful Tools to Build Your Tech Reporter Contact List and Startup

Startups are now a common thing.  People are well connected via the Internet, and business is at everyone’s finger tips.  When starting a business however, there can be some costs associated, but there is an array of free, freemium, and low-cost services you can use to get started. Here are some good, great, and interesting examples. Get visibility for your …

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Grammar and Plagiarism Software for Students & Webmasters

Copied content is not only illegal in school but can also penalize websites due to duplicate content.  As a student, it’s important to start early and learn that copy other people’s work can get you in trouble later in life.  Here are some grammar and plagiarism checker tools that can be used by webmasters and students. Plagiarism Checkers Plagiarism a …

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Tips For Searching For Lost Relatives

Are you in search of someone with you have lost touch a long time back? Maybe a friend or an aunt who was your favorite in childhood but has not been seen around during the growing up years? But are you searching in vain and are unable to find the person? Here are some tips and options for methods on …

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How to Determine WordPress Theme

You’ve decided that it’s time to make a professional website for your business or that you want to start your new and fresh blog. Every day you visit lots of web pages that you admire and the fact that you can write your own story online is very important and serious but very entrancing and exciting at the same time. …

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GoPro Plus Winning Over Fans With Cloud Video Editing


GoPro Plus is a spectacular service designed by GoPro. According to the manufacturers, the service allows users to share and edit photos and videos in a user-friendly way. In addition, you can now view your media from any device. Issues with current GoPro editing functionality Many people have complained about GoPro’s inability to crop long videos into a short highlight …

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Popular Cloud Monitoring Tools

The cloud is becoming our present and the future of IT for many businesses.  As more and more apps are deployed on cloud, the need for a third party monitoring software that provides tools to monitor the performance of hosted apps on the cloud or k…

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Essential Online Tools for Work from Home Employee

work from home

The ability to work-at-home is fantastic, but before you start there are a few essential tools that must be at your disposal to make your job easier.  Without these tools you will face more time looking for solutions than working, and chances are this isn’t going to make the job very fun. There are a number of online tools available …

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