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Information Technology

Tips & Tricks on Proper Money Handling for Your Biz

Acquiring proficiency in managing finances appropriately is essential for the longevity and prosperity of your business. The ability to manage finances well can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. Understanding the nuances of money management can significantly impact your profitability. This guide will provide you with useful insights to maximize your company’s financial health and guarantee its long-term success, …

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How Online World Has Grown In The Last Decade?

Over the past decade there have been significant technological advances in the world. Microsoft attempted to buy Yahoo, Apple developed its ultra-thin Mac laptop, Honda began selling its zero-emission hydrogen fueled car, the FCX Clarity, and a tiny computer with a six-inch screen inside a stuffed leather pillow is released by Chumby. The computer has internet access and can show …

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Steps That Ensure Greater IT Efficiency

Information technology is one of few occupations that provide real-world functionality, security, and other critical solutions to every job sector and niche of the economy. Regardless of industry, businesses that continue to grow will inevitably require a variety of IT solutions to operate effectively and efficiently. Many IT professionals recognize that long-established businesses continue to adhere to various tactics, strategies …

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7 Ways to Prevent Technology from Interrupting Your Sleep

There’s a good chance that you’re guilty of indulging in a few late-night electronic activities from time to time. We’ve all done this before, sat scrolling through our social media feeds on our smartphones or laptops when we were supposed to be settling down for sleep. However, the more you expose yourself to technology, the more you sleep quality could …

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How Local SEO Can Help Increase Organic Leads For Your Business

The business arena is fast-paced, competitive, and almost saturated. A lot of businesses in different niches are already operating today – which makes it difficult for neophytes to stand out. Without a detailed plan and thorough understanding of the market, it’ll be hard for new and small businesses to thrive and succeed. In worse cases, these businesses might experience bankruptcy. …

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16 Top Project Management Methodologies

If you’re new to Project Management, the number of different methodologies (and acronyms) can be mind-boggling. We’ve broken 16 common project management methodologies into bite-sized pieces to help you choose the best approach for your next project. ADAPTIVE PROJECT FRAMEWORK (APF) Improves the project at every stage by learning from the previous stage’s results. By defining project goals and regularly …

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Using AI to Automate Customer Service

Improving quality of service provided to the customers is a top priority for any company these days- regardless of aspects like segment and size of the business. With customers becoming more demanding and choosier than the past, the businesses have no other choice than enhancing their service quality. The competition is quite intense as well. Just using helpdesk software is …

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Maritime Information Technology: Must Have Apps for People at Sea.

Mobile devices have become an integral part of seafarers’ lives, both at land and sea; after all they are always mobile.  Mobile apps are especially convenient for seafarers because they enable data sharing and storage, to help the interact with land and stay safe at sea. With the improvement of communications, Information Technology is evolving for seafarers. Here are 12 must …

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