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Information Technology

Best Android Libraries to Use in 2023, 2024 for App Development

Android app development frameworks and libraries aid the developers to create apps more readily. It comes with several aspects which include the UI elements, networking, debugging, and testing which are well defined. Individuals can hire android game developers as they are professionals in this field of study. These libraries provide detailed documentation, configuration data, templates for messaging, and almost all …

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The Evolution of Workplace Cyber Security

Hackers are savvier than ever. Just when security experts wise up to one scheme, cyber criminals devise another. Business owners however, are taking the offensive against today’s greatest threat, phishing. According to both Symantic and Trend Micro over 90% of cyber-attacks begin with spear phishing emails. Let’s face it: Naive, untrained employees account for the greatest threat to a company’s …

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Latest APIs for Voice Communications

Are you looking to dynamically control phone calls from web and mobile apps, record, transcribe, and conference callers together using your existing web server and database with custom controls and integration? A voice communication API is what you need.  Fortunately, there are many feature-filled functional services providing APIs available on the market. Here are some of the latest APIs for …

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How Businesses Are Being Changed by Technology

The business world really didn’t change much for a century after the Industrial Revolution. Most people don’t think we’ll ever see this happen again though. In fact, technology is now developing, mutating, and adapting so fast you can’t help but be swept away by its progress. Although you may not believe how far we’ve come, just look back in the …

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Latest software products that can do just about everything for your business

There’s a host of innovative software products out there on the market that promise to do wonders for your business’s success; starting from increasing the visibility of your internet properties to improving performance, the variety is endless. When it comes to balancing potential return on investment with cost however, IT specialists have to weigh in their options with extreme caution. …

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Make Money Amazon Marketing Review Guide

The 21st century has made lives more comfortable for everyone. With technology, everything can be done easier with minimal effort. The tasks your parents had to do for weeks in the past, can be accomplished within hours and you don’t even have to get out of the house to do it. Assignments from school and work, chores at home and …

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HRANK: Search for the Right Shared Hosting Provider

Looking for a tool for finding the right shared hosting provider? You can trust HRANK. HRANK has created its own rating system, where they monitor and collect data from shared servers and their websites. Currently they are monitoring more than 300 hosting providers plus 90,000 shared servers and more than 50 million websites. Rating System Their rating system estimates any …

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 4 Time Saving Practices Your Business Should Follow

As you likely know, time is one of those things that you can’t get back. Every minute that you get should be invested in making your business operate better and achieving your objectives. However, things aren’t usually as simple as that, and finding ways to effectively manage time can be tasking. It’s imperative that you keep working at it until …

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Cloud Migration Considerations in Logistics

It has become apparent that the trend of moving to the cloud is here to stay. The rapidly growing technology industry provides a viable alternative for enterprise companies who are looking for seemingly more affordable and accessible options for data management, storage, and hosting. This article will not only provide an overview of some considerations when migrating your business to …

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