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Remote/Work from Home

How to Avoid Email Scams

There are various email and online scams that have plagued our inboxes for many years.  Some emails try to get you to open a zip file, click a link to execute a virus, or open a back door to your computer. Many others try to phish your sensitive information and many others are scams that target your bank account.  Many of these …

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Things You Should Do for Employee Experience are Key to Digital Workplace Evolution Success

The Past two years have been the epitome of change for Work, Workplace, Work Culture, and Employee Experience. Although the 4th Industrial Revolution brought the notion of digital functionality a couple of years ago, the pandemic has channelized a path of compulsion to adapt to the power of digitalization.  “Businesses will have to integrate this technology to work in a more streamlined and efficient way. …

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5 Tips To Maximize Your Productivity When Working Remotely

While it is easy for some persons to transition from the office to working remotely, others find it challenging. Learning how to work from home comfortably is essential if you desire to be efficient with your work. Even though there are many distractions at home, you can still be as productive as if you were in a physical office. There …

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4 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Small Business

Running a small business takes a lot of hard work, and there are many challenges you’ll have to overcome as you strive to grow your company. However, what will help you is getting onboard with all technology has to offer you and being willing to experiment with the latest updates and trends. It’s worth taking a look at what you’re …

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SEO Tips for Freelancers

More and more people are taking the necessary steps to take complete control of their careers by becoming freelancers. This step allows you to work from home (or anywhere you choose) and have total freedom over your schedule. While this is becoming a popular decision, many people do not know how to get started. While there are many factors that …

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Essential Online Tools for Work from Home Employee

work from home

The ability to work-at-home is fantastic, but before you start there are a few essential tools that must be at your disposal to make your job easier.  Without these tools you will face more time looking for solutions than working, and chances are this isn’t going to make the job very fun. There are a number of online tools available …

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