How to avoid business downtime when navigating digital transformation

Cybersecurity 310x165 - How to avoid business downtime when navigating digital transformation

Successful digital transformation programs can see businesses enjoying a whole host of benefits, from a boost in productivity to improvement in their bottom lines too. However, it’s important to understand the risks involved in making use of advances in technology. It will pay off, to build your knowledge prior to investing in a costly and time-consuming program of digital transformation. …

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Why Two-Way Audio Cameras Are the Way to Go

cameras 310x165 - Why Two-Way Audio Cameras Are the Way to Go

A lot of us are well aware of the importance of CCTV cameras in our home security systems. Not only are they an excellent deterrent for burglars that might be casing your home, if you put them outside, but they’re also an excellent way to get video proof of whoever broke into your home. And if you were to take …

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The Role Of IT In Compliance

PCI Compliance 21 310x165 - The Role Of IT In Compliance

Owing to the benefit galore that it promises business, building your corporate culture around adherence to compliance is a necessity. A culture of compliance reduces the chances that your business will have to deal with non-compliance fines. It also protects you from most non-compliant risks, from the risk of data loss to the loss of compliance-conscious customers. While compliance officers …

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NIST 800-53 and FedRAMP FISMA

fedramp governance 310x165 - NIST 800-53 and FedRAMP FISMA

Do you want to fully comply with government regulations on data integrity? Then find a competent information protection program now. FedRAMP has been in the forefront of the fundamentals of compliance. It only provides compliments cloud service providers. Therefore, you need a program that specifically prescribes controls. To be totally compliant, understand how such a program can be integrated with …

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Smart Ways To Putting Surveillance Cameras

security camera 1 12179651 310x165 - Smart Ways To Putting Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras could help to offer surveillance and also discourage home break-ins. If you would like to keep your property safe, this is one of the things you should get for your home. The biggest challenge comes in installation because how you position the cameras could affect results. Effectiveness can be affected by how you install the camera, so you …

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How Does Cloud Endpoint Security Works?

dreamstime m 40428252 310x165 - How Does Cloud Endpoint Security Works?

Although the larger companies would offer so much more if any cybercrime was to be aimed at them, this is unusually the case because as it states, they are large companies and businesses. This means they would have invested money, time and resources to make sure they are kept safe from these cybercrimes and cybercriminals. This also, implies that if …

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Who is Calling Me?

music 310x165 - Who is Calling Me?

Have caller ID and can’t always find a way to verify the person calling?  For years, cold calling and call spamming has been a common bad business practice for many companies.  They bombard businesses and consumers with unwanted phone calls, even though you are already on a do not call list. Here are some tips to help find out who …

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9 Important Cybersecurity Facts

hack 294x165 - 9 Important Cybersecurity Facts

Today, data breaches have become something common in the business world, and cybercriminals are always looking for ways to circumvent the current security tools. As a result, new security issues arise as soon as the current ones are resolved. Considering the damaging effect that a data breach can have on the growth of your business, you have no other choice …

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Continuous Monitoring for Real-Time Compliance

security protection anti virus software 60504 310x165 - Continuous Monitoring for Real-Time Compliance

There has been an increase in the number and sophistication of data breaches raising concern to the data environment. Protecting information has to be a top priority. Establishing a secure compliance program means securing your landscape to ensure you comply with the required regulations. Continuous monitoring, therefore, enables you to both protect your data and enable continuous compliance. Security first …

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The Evolution of Workplace Cyber Security

AI 310x165 - The Evolution of Workplace Cyber Security

Hackers are savvier than ever. Just when security experts wise up to one scheme, cyber criminals devise another. Business owners however, are taking the offensive against today’s greatest threat, phishing. According to both Symantic and Trend Micro over 90% of cyber-attacks begin with spear phishing emails. Let’s face it: Naive, untrained employees account for the greatest threat to a company’s …

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