Why Does a Remote DBA Expert Prefer SQL Programming?

401244 636547774138547618 16x91 310x165 - Why Does a Remote DBA Expert Prefer SQL Programming?

SQL programming has been helping numerous business organizations in optimizing their operations and functions. SQL is referred to as the Structured Query Language that is meant for accessing databases. Here the data would be having two distinct formats called the table format and the file format. SQL could actually be defined as the domain-specific programming language that is used for …

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Best Practices to Secure IT Servers and Infrastructure

monitor21 e1495479958379 300x167 300x165 - Best Practices to Secure IT Servers and Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is known to be the key business asset for organizations that are cloud computing for their critical line-of-business applications. In fact, the backbone of a smooth and sustaining business process is your network technology. The whole security of your system depends on how your IT person handles it. And as much as possible, there is no room for …

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Single server printing solutions: questions to ask and potential pitfalls

A Cirrato server can give you complete control over 30,000 printers worldwide with minimal network traffic. In thin client or remote desktop environments, print jobs are compressed and printer mapping made easy.

There is a rapidly increasing number of enterprise print management solutions that offer printing with a single server. However, their functionality does differ and it can be that a certain solution might not be suitable for your organization. So what do you look out for when selecting your single server printing solution? Here are key areas with questions to ask …

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Is your Website Ready for HTTP/2?

0d7d219f99c71f23a08bc26d2700b237 400x4001 310x165 - Is your Website Ready for HTTP/2?

The last HTTP protocol update was in 1997, and until now, there have not been any updates.  For the past almost 2 decades, HTTP has basically done the heaving lifting of bringing webpages to the end user’s browser; for instance, when you go to any website, you create an HTTP request to a webserver, asking it to deliver all elements …

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Achieve the Highest Level of Email Security

538795 attachment 21 300x165 - Achieve the Highest Level of Email Security

Email security is an on-going concern for all businesses that rely on computers, but by employing the right services whilst educating your staff on the various issues surrounding it, you can keep threats to a minimum. In the past, scores of companies have seen their operations grind to a halt after certain attachments have been opened or when emails have …

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

IT Disaster Recovery and the SME

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place?  Over the past 10 years, IT based systems have become more deeply embedded in the processes of small organizations, often running applications and services essential for the business to operate effectively. Unfortunately, this can also mean that the protection they receive may not have been revisited for many years. Here is …

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Print Management: Centralized vs Regular


Hardly anyone disputes the necessity to manage printing. The need for this has been long clear. By implementing a print management solution, printing costs can be reduced substantially. But the main solutions out there have been focused on managing existing environments. For a few years now, we also see a (still relatively) new wave of solutions entering the market. These …

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How to Stop Digital Hoarding

computer hard drive 1434406 2 m1 300x165 - How to Stop Digital Hoarding

Storage has become so cheap so fast that we think nothing of storing five slightly different, slightly blurry copies of the same photo on our phones, in hopes that one turns out well. We store old files and folders on our computers, thinking we might use them in the future, but in reality, up to 80% of our documents are …

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