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Social Media

Emerging Trends in Information Technology

As a CIO or any employee in any IT department, it is important to keep up to date with Technology and new trends.  CEO's and management alike should keep abreast of new technologies and competitors to be on top of their game.  . An IT degree o…

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Social Media Ads: What Is The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels today, and is also one of the primary means of communication, especially of millennials. It is an online platform that allows you to post updates that should only contain up to 280 characters (originally 140 characters). In your tweet, you can also include links to relevant websites and articles. You …

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Attract your First 1,000 Followers with These Tips

Not really pleased with how many or few your Instagram followers are? If you feel like you are doing everything you can to apply all those fancy Instagram marketing techniques you’ve learned over the years to no avail, please know that you are not alone. Getting the first 1000 followers is a challenge for anyone because growing your following is …

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7 safety rules in social networks

Now, in the era of the Internet, it’s hard to imagine a person who does not use at least one of the social networks. To universal use we have “Facebook”, “Instagram”, and “Snapchat”, and even a lot of not so popular resources for communication and chat. Social networks are used by everyone – both young and old. In addition to …

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Google May Know Everything About You

Google is a great tool for almost anything and the go-to, dominating provider of many things online like search, email, maps, chat, now social networking, and more. But have you ever stopped to consider all of the information that you’re sharing with Go…

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When to Reply on Social Media – and When to Not

Today, most customers use social media regularly. So it is natural that they will use social media to connect with a business, raising their queries, seeking customer support or giving feedback. Not only this, people today are free to comment on social media posts of any business, giving their opinions. Social media provides a quick conversation medium and most customers …

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Facebook Viewpoints App: Concrete Details

Everything appears to show that Facebook wishes to give a portion of its income to its clients. The internet-based life released a fresh out of the box marketing research application called Facebook Viewpoints, which will reward people aged more than 18 for participating in surveys, research study, and market occupations. The goal of the social media network with this App …

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Increase your Sales via Instagram Marketing

With over 700 million monthly active users that consists of world-class brands, celebrities and everyday people around the world, one may conclude that Instagram is arguably the most popular social network in the world today. The success of Instagram can be attributed to a focus on visual content; over 95 million pictures and videos are posted on Instagram every single …

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