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Social Media

How Facebook Horizon is Set to Skyrocket your VR Experience

Gone are those old days when Facebook was only considered as a social media forum to interact, socialize and promote. With the advancements being made in the digital market, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others are more than just an ordinary platform to interact. Since the day they have launched, there efficient performance and smart user-interface are allowing the user …

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5 Awesome Tips For Getting More Instagram Followers

Getting a greater number of Instagram followers places a brand in front of many more people and in turn is a great investment. So, how do you get more eyes on you or your brand. Defining Your Purpose Clearly Before you do anything, be clear what hole Instagram would fill in your marketing mix.  Work to understand the demographics who live on …

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Identity Theft via Social Media – Are you At Risk?

Identity theft doesn’t have to occur in the classic ways. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the appearance of social media, identity theft can be relatively easy to do thanks to social networks.  The main problem nowadays is that people often overlook the dangers of sharing so much information on social media. By sharing too many pictures, for example, …

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Here’s How SMEs Can Improve their Social Presence

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)  from around the world know that social media is here to stay. However, this doesn’t mean that they have yet had the opportunity to put in the time or effort necessary to cultivate a  presence on the appropriate networks. But upon starting to optimize your social media presence, they would realize that the benefits will …

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How to Create Shareworthy Content

How do you create shareworthy content? In the world of business, competition is fierce and getting an edge in a particular industry or niche can be tough.  Not only is it necessary to stand out from the crowd, you also have to find new and relevant ways to set yourself above and beat the competition.  What are some ways that this can be done?  One …

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How to Make Money With Your Podcast in 4 Different Ways

Are there golden opportunities waiting to be discovered in the podcasting world? They may not be too far off, considering that advertising revenue for podcasts is expected to exceed one billion dollars in the year 2021. It would appear that there is no better moment to get started on monetizing your podcast than right now. Nevertheless, before we get started, …

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How Social Media is Beneficial for Businesses

Needless to say, nowadays social media has gained popularity as one of the greatest business platforms. As it is the era of digitalization most people prefer nowadays to complete online shopping instead of going to the market physically. Customers prefer eCommerce stores to buy essential things. From grocery items to garments, as people show interest in online shopping nowadays, keeping …

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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is a vital marketing tool for all types of businesses, on all sizes of scale. However, for many, social media can just be a spur of the moment thing, rather than a well thought out process. But, truth is, a well thought out social media marketing strategy has the ability to skyrocket your business if done well. What …

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Learn about the Benefits of Linking Instagram and Facebook

We are living in a digital age when social media has taken the world by storm. To achieve business success and increased social media presence, it pays when you leverage the platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. When you link your social networking profiles, they become easily manageable as well. Then, does it make sense to link Facebook and Instagram? …

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Brighten up with Crowdsourcing

Translation services such as Ackuna take crowd-sourcing technology to a higher level by providing the user with all the power. Ackuna’s method allows user’s translations to be peer reviewed. Educators and language enthusiasts are always wiling to contribute their knowledge and experience through crowdsourcing. It is essentially the perfect solution for gathering language experts with something to share with the …

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