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Social Media

Get to Know More about The Core Concepts of Social Shopping and What It Means for Your Business!

Internet users are offered an option to find things which they find interesting through various social media tools. These tools help them to locate their things of interests in a matter of seconds with relative ease. Social media and technology have taken the world by storm, and they influence marketing and business strategies a great deal today.  As consumers are …

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Social Media Strategy – How you Can Boost your Business in 2023, 2024

Social media is attracting users of varying ages, gender, and ethnicity around the world. In one of the posts, Oberlo reports that Social Media Userbase has reached up to 3.5 Billion worldwide. The increasing web population is creating more and more opportunities for businesses. Why do you need a social media strategy? The key to a successful strategy is reaching …

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Instagram: Everything About This Popular Photo App

Instagram is the popular photo app for iPhone and Android. With filters you give photos and videos a unique look, you can also share Stories. Read all about it. Instagram is one of the most popular photo applications in the App Store, with millions of users. Instagram is known for its photo filters; with which you adjust the colors of …

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Which Channels of Social Media Marketing are Helping Businesses in 2023, 2024?

Social media marketing is the most prominent powerful tool, which can bring your business the recognition it deserves. Social media is here to stay, and it is not some teenage passing fancy. Well, teens do use different social networking platforms to upload pics and share thoughts. However, social media still serves as one of the h3est common channels of digital …

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Why we should blame Facebook, instead of Fake News

Social-networks have become a great tool to hijack the attention of the masses, conducting manipulation on our mindset and world-views. Political interest groups, commercial organizations, and foreign governments are using those platforms to easily influence the way we view the world. The combination of user personal data and AI is a futile ground for crowd manipulation, which is essential “mind …

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Social Media Analytics: Where to Start

The hype surrounding social media has certainly cooled off within the past couple of years. That is, what was once seen as marketing’s uncharted territory has now become incredibly commonplace. Considering the fact that Facebook achieved one billion daily active users in 2016, “social media” has gone from the next big buzzword to part of our daily lives. For some …

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8 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Businesses

Social media is speedily becoming one of the major aspects of digital marketing that provides incredible benefits that help to reach millions of consumers worldwide. Any business owner who is not applying this lucrative platform will be missing out on an amazing marketing opportunity. Social media makes it easier for you to spread the word regarding your mission and your …

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