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Tech Blogs Tips and Tricks

Tech Blogs Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

We can all agree that dealing with a slow, unresponsive computer or laptop can be a great frustration to say the very least. Unfortunately, as we continue to add and remove programs from our operating systems over time and make changes to configurations, so will the performance of our systems decline over time. This is something that almost every computer ... Read More »

Tips And Tricks To Improve Your VPN Speed

If your VPN has become slower than usual, you may be able to improve its performance by trying the following proven tips and techniques. Check Your Internet Speed First of all, you should check your internet speed without a VPN. If it’s slower than usual, it means your VPN isn’t actually the problem.  If you don’t know how to check ... Read More »

Free Internet Privacy Tool

Hotspot Shield

Find Free Wireless Near You Read More »

How to Search for Old Facebook Posts

Tired of clicking "Older Posts" hundred of times to read your past Facebook updates? With Archivedbook you get all the following, on one single page. Get it here: ArchivedbookThank you for reading IT Blog Read More »

Windows 8: Browser/File Browser opens in Metro/App Mode instead of Desktop Mode

When using chrome or explorer to upload a file, instead of getting the standard “browse for folder” window, you get the Windows 8 Metro style browse for folder window, like so: You will see yourself running into this when uploading a media file via browser through wordpress/joomla/drupal etc via the backend CMS for example.  If you want to upload an ... Read More »

How to speed up your computer

from AVG Free Anti-virus A full featured Anti-Virus software that is free for personal use.   Zone Alarm Zone Alarm is a personal firewall that protects your pc from intruders on the outside trying to… Read More »

Windows 7 Slipstream Software

vLite Configuration Tool allows users to preselect numerous Vista features for automatic removal prior to installing the OS on their personal computers. Among them: Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Viewer, MSN Installer, Wallpapers, SlideShow, Windows… Read More »

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