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Tech Blogs Tips and Tricks

Tech Blogs Tips and Tricks

Change SATA hard drive BIOS setting from IDE to AHCI Mode after Windows installation

Information: AHCI stand for Advance Host Controller Interface. AHCI is a hardware mechanism that allows software to communicate with Serial ATA (SATA) devices (such as host bus adapters) that are designed to offer features not offered by Parallel ATA (P… Read More »

Security – Be Aware of What You Share and Protect Yourself!

Be aware of what you share!  Savvy cybercriminals want data. From your personal credit card information to your company’s most important intellectual property, they work diligently to quietly steal it all. Be aware of their more typical tactics and… Read More »

Phone numbers of your friends are being listed on Facebook

ALL PHONE NUMBERS of your contacts may be listed on Facebook! To check, go top right corner of the screen, click on ACCOUNT, then EDIT FRIENDS, and on the left side of the screen click CONTACTS; you'll see all phone numbers from your phone that you have… Read More »

Access local USB or Serial devices over network

Desktop Connection allows users to be able to access their USB local drives and USB printers over RDC, however does not provide the capability for other USB or serial devices.  This basically means that virtually any USB device (a USB dongle, a web… Read More »

Website Monitoring

Monitive is a monitoring service, that periodically checks your website from several locations around the world and instantly notifies you if your website goes down, providing weekly reports and diagnostics. This service provides the following: » non-s… Read More »

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

All these commands remind me of UP UP, DOWN DOWN, LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT, BA, START (especially the last part in the OTHER section) About Commands about: ->show version info about:version -> same to about: about:cache -> show cache content a… Read More »

Sharepoint Port – Extend Sharepoint to a Separate Port

Sharing this as there are not many articles on it. Scenario: Currently have a Sharepoint site that runs on the Intranet on port 80. I want a separate sharepoint site private from the information shared on the Intranet that runs on a separate port and is… Read More »

Rename VM files in VMWare Server 2.0

Renaming Virtual Machine files is not as easy as renaming the file itself. Of course the root folder can be renamed and readded and run without problems, but simply renaming vmx files and trying to run them will result in: "Power On Virtual Machine"… Read More »

GOOG-411 no longer in service.

GOOG-411 no longer works. The catch for the service was to get pronunciations, accents, and business names to power its voice recognition. Microsoft Bing-411 has stepped up to the plate. 1-800-BING-411 (1-800-246-4411) Gives you directions, traffic… Read More »

Can’t get into Safe Mode to run System Restore

Can't get into safe mode to run System Restore? Try a manual system restore by reverting to a backed up registry via your Windows XP CD and the recovery console. Step by Step instructions can be found here:… Read More »

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